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Callista Tyrel

Ensign Callista Tyrel Log Stardate 51901.23

We have just received data from the bridge about the destruction of Starbase 392.  Apparently it was destroyed by the USS Sumadi a Nova Class Starship while inside the Starbase. The initial information provided appears to indicate that Sumadi's computer suffered a catastrophic malfunction which for lack of a better word made the Sumadi go haywire.  The ship seemingly acted on its own, and prevented the crew from making repairs or even allowing the crew to take the computer offline.

We don't have much to go on given that the Sumadi and the Starbase itself were destroyed.  Engineering forensics will not be possible..So I guess the Senior Staff upon consulting with the two Starship Captains that witnessed the attack will probably construct some sort of timeline of events leading to this catastrophe.

I recall an engineering professor at the academy giving a lecture on the symbiotic relationship between a starship and its crew.  The starship itself had many components a life from has.he argued.  A heart , circulatory system, a brain and a nervous system along with muscles....all in a manufactured sense.  The heart, was the warp core and the power grid supplied a sort of circulatory system...The computer core was the ship's brain and sent instructions via the starship's  optical data network. Her senors were provided her with a .sense of vision, touch even smell.

Well the point was made if a starship had all that....what was the point of the crew?  The professor made some sort of remark that a starship by itself would have no purpose to function and that was supplied by the crew.  The crew also provided fuel, and maintenance to the starship in exchange for the environment to explore space in safely.

Most of us thought the professor was a certified quack after that analogy, but in the Sumadi's case the ship seemed to be acting with a sense of purpose.  It seemed the ship "wanted" to get out of that starbase's hangar and nothing was going to stop it.  And when it realized it could not escape, It decided to kill itself.

Whoah!!, that is a bit deep for new little me surrounded by vastly more experienced crew on this ship.. I best get back to the task at hand...changing the light bulb in front of me.

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