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Irene Mincine

The Future of the Past

Personal log, Irene Mincine.


Uh... we’re in the past. Like, a hundred years in the past. They don’t like to talk about it at the academy, but I know that starships have gone back and come back before. Still, to actually be here, it’s... and the ship is a complete wreck too. We can’t just go to Starbase 41 and get our nacelle fixed in the 2200s.


Even better, we have a Romulan envoy aboard? And this space was under the suzerainty, if not control, of the Romulans at this time as far as I can tell? If we run into a patrol out here, in our condition, what’s going to happen? We’re 100 years ahead of them but our ship is in a hundred pieces! I wish I could do *something* to help that, but what’s a biologist going to do to fix the warp drive?


How do we know the Romulans didn’t have something to do with setting this whole thing up, anyway? Delivering a 24th century Starfleet ship to the 23rd century Romulan Star Empire? Imagine what kind of repercussions that would have on the timeline. We’ll be tortured to death for information on the future and the ship will be taken apart to become the base of a Romulan galactic conquest.


I’m sure the captain has plans for contingencies like that, though. Scuttling the ship rather than contaminating the timeline - but then we’d be stuck here forever. And I’d kinda like to get back to 2388.


Um, personally, I’m doing okay. I’m laid up in sick bay once again - when we were hit by the shockwave that sent us here, I got thrown clear across the bridge into a data coupling that tried to couple with me. I lost a kidney but I’ll live. They’ll fix me up with a new one if we ever get back to a starbase. The one organ Klingons don’t have extras of, huh? Remind me to lodge a protest with the gods we killed.

Edited by Irene Mincine

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