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Irene Mincine

Library Computer Entry - K'Arxa, daughter of Molat

Database: Klingon Central Database, Federation Access Terminal

Subject: K'Arxa, daughter of Molat

Note: All dates are converted to the Federation calendar. Entries may be truncated by order of Klingon High Council.


Born: 2240, Qo'noS

Status: Deceased, 2312

Parents: Klaa, son of Kolar (2174-2289) and Molat, daughter of B'Eddeyr (2190-2331)

Children: P'Lor, daughter of Molat (b. 2304).


K'Arxa, daughter of Molat, was a captain in the Klingon Imperial Fleet of the late 23rd century. She was one of the few female Klingon captains of the era. For most of her career, she served on the IKS Betat.

She was born to the two minor nobles Klaa and Molat, the result of a political union between the House of Morvath (Klaa) and the House of K'Ovel (Molat). Like most of her Morvath family before her, she joined the Imperial Fleet soon after her Ascension ceremony. She passed the entrance examination in 2259 and was commissioned as an ensign upon graduating the Fleet Academy.

K'Arxa was a talented gunner, rising to the rank of lieutenant by 2270 where she was assigned to the IKS Betat. She took part in the Tholian Campaign, the Epsilon IV invasion, and finally the Klingon-Renarran War of 2278. As second officer of a Bird of Prey during the war, she was feared by her subordinates and respected by her superiors.

The Betat was involved in a skirmish near the end of the war, pitting two Birds of Prey against five Renarran cruisers. One Bird of Prey was destroyed and the Betat was severely damaged, with the captain and first officer both killed. K'Arxa took command of the bridge, rallying the crew. By the end of the battle, two Renarran ships were destroyed, two damaged beyond repair, and one surrendered.

Upon return to Qo'noS, she was inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth and given command of the Betat after its repair. She continued to distinguish herself in battle, being considered one of the top Klingon commanders of the era. 

Her activities between 2282 and 2300 are classified. 

She gave birth to a daughter, P'Lor, in 2305. 

In 2312, she was assigned as one of three Birds of Prey escorting the Chancellor's battlecruiser to high-level talks with the Federation president on Betazed. Three days from Betazed, the other two Birds of Prey opened fire on the Chancellor's ship, disabling the warp drive. The cloaking device had also been sabotaged.

K'Arxa did not hesitate and opened fire on one Bird of Prey, destroying it but at the cost of her own weapons. The second ship prepared to a photon torpedo at the battlecruiser's neck, intending to destroy the bridge and kill the Chancellor. K'Arxa ordered the Betat to ram the renegade Bird of Prey, destroying both ships and saving the Chancellor's life. She was posthumously awarded the Order of Kahless.

The culprit of this attack is still unknown, as both assailant ships were destroyed and no motive was ever found. See the article on the Betazed Incident of 2312 for more information.

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