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Theobald Dumont

"Botany & Archaeology"

"Botany & Archaeology"

Personal Log: Stardate 0105.19    

    Once again, it was lunchtime. Theo spent about half of his 45 minutes in Drankum's Bar. He had a cup of vegetable stew with shaved parmesan, a small baguette, and an orange synthale. 

    Now Theobald was by no means a boor, but he knew the two Klingons sitting next to him at the bar would appreciate a loud and powerful burp. Wiping his mouth with his blue sleeve, he smiled at them and they in turn flashed their teeth in reciprocation. Dumont asked the Ferengi waiter to put the meal on his tab and tipped him generously.

    After lunch, Theo stopped by Aegis' Arboretum. He was looking for an interesting plant to install in the Science Lab's display case. According to the Rigellian botanist he met there, a deep purple Ranunculus, which just happened to be in season, was probably the best choice. 

    Always planning ahead, the thought occurred to Theo that Science could obtain a complete set of Neanderthal bones with jewelry. Surely this would stoke the curiosity of any visitor. However, the ensign didn't know exactly where they would find such artifacts, perhaps on loan.

    In any case, it was time to get back to the gritty nitty. Theobald started to study the surrounding space, both near and far from his post in the Sky Harbor's Astrometrics Lab. Dumont wanted to familiarize himself, not only with the starbase, but also with Aegis' region of space. He briefly surveyed the stars, their systems, the nebulas, and all other astronomical phenomena in the sector. 

    He waited patiently there, for orders he knew would come down from his superiors.

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