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Theobald Dumont

"Research Project"

"Research Project"

Personal Log: Stardate 0101.19

    Theo was happy to have learned so much from his fellow crew members. The engineers were exceptionally adroit. One of them had even taken time out of his busy day to perform an internal sensor scan of the entire station. The holographic table interface was state-of-the-art. 

    After delivering the CSCI's sensor upgrade request, Dumont decided to leave Main Engineering. He knew they had much work to do and little time to do it. Engineering was not within his purview, so he thanked them and politely excused himself from the fray. 

    Research was one of Dumont's specialties. He knew he was on a crash course with Subspace Mechanics. He took to his padd and began absorbing in detail, all he could regarding subspace fields. Perhaps another time, Theo would be able to uplink with the Starfleet Academy Archives. He still had his security access credentials. After spending forty minutes at the computer in Main Science, Theo headed for the Civilian Shuttlebay. He entered the turbolift where he paused briefly to read some more, then proceeded to Deck 67. 

    In the shuttlebay, he asked the officer on duty a series of questions to see if there had been anything unusual reported in the sector. Did anyone experience anything remotely like a subspace distortion in their travels to and from the station in recent days? Dumont walked around the vast complex examining the many different ships and their exotic configurations. He engaged a few pilots and crew in friendly conversation and spread the word that the Science Department was on the lookout for any subspace anomalies.

    One fascinating point Theo gleaned from his research was that creating a "tear" in the barrier between subspace and normal space actually produces the field or "bubble". The ensign gathered up all his data, including the results of the internal sensor sweep and after roughly an hour, he was ready to report back to his chief.

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