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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 12.16.18

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has started bringing aboard debris from the freighter, and the various members of the science crews from the other ships have also joined us.


Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM


William Chocox: ::is directing the various enlisted people in positioning the debris in a way that allows people to walk around them and look at all of them::

Hunter Matheson: ::helm, chewing on a mint:::

Hakran K'hal: :: a Caitian, a Tamaran, a Kaedwani and a Romulan scientist walk into a bar er… holodeck 1 rather, which has been turned into a combination conference room and scientific data command center that's linked to the various labs ::

Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::on the bridge, looking at the readings from their somewhat deeper scans of the area;;

Irene Mincine: :: Irene walks back onto the bridge, re-taking her station. She holds her head once she gets in her chair. :: "Analgesic better kick in quick..." :: She looks at Issaha going over the sensor readings. :: "Find out anything new?"

Indaura Ryssan: :: Down in medical ::

Hakran K'hal: Have a seat, I'll go over what we've thus far discovered and what we're currently looking at and for.

Rhan K'hal: :: also on the bridge, concentrating on organizing the debris recovery operation at mission ops ::

Maryse Dubois: ::Looking over the internal sensor logs, trying to figure out why so many are having headaches.::

Hakran K'hal: :: gives a basic and brief summary while trying to measure up the various representatives to see who and what he's dealing with ::

Hunter Matheson: ::scanning the board, making sure they're not moving from stationkeeping, which would make stationkeeping a misnomer and maybe create some heavy you-know-what for the Romulan ship:::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> A few more crew arrive in medical, though these are complaining of pains in recently healed wounds. Several have cuts and abrasions that have reopened and are bleeding.

Rhan K'hal: :: getting aggravated with one of his underlings, gets rather growlier than is his custom :: We only keep two sphinxes aboard, and they can't pick up everything. They're to be saved for what science determines to be too unstable for transport. Understood?

Indaura Ryssan: :: Tends to the first wounded :: What's going on here? :: scans where the pain is ::

Maryse Dubois: ((Swain isn't going to start moving from various Excalibur's in time now is he?))

Cptn Swain: (( Don't give me ideas ))

Maryse Dubois: ((lol))

William Chocox: ((::shudders at the idea of a time travel episode::))

Hakran K'hal: So, the chronitons are our major indicator at this point, but until we get more data from the debris we won't be able to say with any certainty if the destroyed vessel was in any way affected by the anomaly the Excalibur experienced.

William Chocox: ::Random Crewman:: One meter between all pieces as much as possible! How many times does that need to be repeated?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda leaned on one side of her seat, leg bouncing as she looked over the scans.::

Hakran K'hal: Various Scientists> :: in CB 1, using the big gun scanners on the debris ::

Maryse Dubois: ::To Indaura as she passes by.:: I wish I knew.

Hakran K'hal: :: rises :: All of the data on the debris will be available on this bank of kiosks. :: rises and does a Vanna White :: Other external data will be available on other kiosks.

Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ Sickbay to Bridge. Rhan, when you said we passed though a couple chronitons, exactly how many was that? I'm getting crewmen in here with old cut and scars reopening.

Hakran K'hal: If any of you have ideas, or wish to provide independent analysis I am willing to allow the data itself to be transmitted to your own people, and you may view the debris itself.

Irene Mincine: "Lt. Kaelin, you're not doing that Vulcan silence thing at me, are you?" :: Irene reaches over to shake his chair, then immediately grabs her supposedly no-longer-bum shoulder. :: "Ah, ****! Maryse, you butcher..." :: Grrr. ::

Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ The time we were really looking for it? Again, not that many. But it wasn't the first time we passed through it, and we weren't really going sensors blazing because of the delicate diplomatic issues.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::lifts a brow::

Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ So I can't tell you exactly how many we may have been exposed to overall.

Indaura Ryssan: :: to someone on the biobed :: I remember using the regenerator on this very wound.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> Are you... injured?

Irene Mincine: "I *was*, a month ago." :: Frustrated, she spins around in her chair. :: "Permission to be relieved, Commander... I need to take a trip to sickbay."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She glanced up to Irene, brows raised in curiosity.:: Are you feeling ill, Mincine?

Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ I see. Well then inform Command, that I recommend to avoid passing through the anomaly again until we can figure something out.

Hakran K'hal: Physicist> :: calls out to Will :: Excuse me sir, do you have something available that can do a thorough alloy analysis on this? I'm getting something funky.

Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ Acknowledged.

William Chocox: Yeah, hold on. ::grabs an appropriate tool and walks over to them:: What kind of funky?

Hakran K'hal: Physicist> It's like some of this has separated back into its component metals, but that doesn't make sense.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene gave Miranda a look, like 'uhhhhh, yeah?'. She was holding her repaired shoulder with her other arm. :: "I was just reaching for, um... something... and felt a pop. I want to get it looked at."

William Chocox: No...no it does not. ::starts running his tool over it::

Rhan K'hal: :: to the command area :: Doctor Dubois strongly advises we avoid the anomaly until we know what's going on.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nodded and waved a hand in dismissal.:: Then go, if you need to. I hope it is nothing serious.

Hakran K'hal: :: satisfied that for now that the foreign trio are willing to check out the data buffet he laid out, heads off to a quiet corner of the holographic science-o-rama room :: +Issaha+ Lt Kaelin, report.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::Lifts brow in faux-vulcan fashion:: Fascinating

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Did she say why, Mr. K'hal? ::Looking to Rhan.::

Irene Mincine: "Yeah. Me too, sir." :: Irene gave a quick 'Sorry' to Issaha, followed by a slight laugh at his Vulcan response, then headed down to sickbay.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> +Khal+ We started doing deeper scans of the area across a deeper spectrum.

Rhan K'hal: She was concerned about the quantity of chronitons we may have been exposed to, but if she has any further ideas she didn't say, Commander.

William Chocox: ::looks at the tool's display:: That can't be right.

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ Any ideas?

Cptn Swain: Issaha> +K'hal+ There are some... fascinating results so far, but nothing conclusive. Perhaps if we were able to cross reference the readings from the other ships.

Hakran K'hal: Physicist> Sir?

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ I'll see if I can pry some data out of our guests.

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ Send down the scan particulars and I'll pass it along.

Cptn Swain: Issaha>+Khal+ ::tapping away:: Sending now. The subspace scans in particular are interesting.

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ Understood. K'hal out.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene arrived at sickbay, looking for Dr. Dubois, still holding her recently-repaired shoulder. :: "Busy in here, isn't it?"

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Hmm... well, keep us out of it for now. Mr. Khal, if you haven't received sensor logs from the other ships, please contact them to have them sent over. It would be nice to have other data to compare to our own.

Hakran K'hal: :: heads over to the reps, asks them for the independent scans to his Vulcan-for-a-day's specs ::

William Chocox: So...look, some of this is just what we'd expect to find if it was blown up. However, look here. ::points:: Those are literally the component materials that this alloy is made out of.

Indaura Ryssan: Doctor?

Hakran K'hal: Physicist> No. [REDACTED]. Way. :: blush :: Sorry, sir. But wow.

Hunter Matheson: ::grabs another mint before rubbing his temples:::

Cptn Swain: :Exits onto the bridge, tea cup in hand:

Maryse Dubois: :;Was still looking over data, then turns. Sees Irene.:: The shoulder? :;Sighs.::

William Chocox: Yes [REDACTED] way. That doesn't make any sense. At least from my engineering perspective.

Rhan K'hal: Looks like our guests are asking for that as we speak, Commander.

Maryse Dubois: I guess it couldn't just be simple cuts that come undone.

Hakran K'hal: Phys> Can you send that to the labs asap, sir? Lt. K'hal will definitely want that nugget.

Indaura Ryssan: :: to the room :: Do we rebill these people for these treatments?"

Rhan K'hal: Cargo Handler with a broken foot> Ha. Ha. Ha.

William Chocox: Yes, yes I will.

Irene Mincine: :: Nod nod. :: "It was perfectly fine... then it wasn't. So much for Klingon resilience, huh? It feels like you never did anything to it!"

Rhan K'hal: We're receiving incoming data stream from the Romulan and Kaedwani ships. The Tamaran ship is... taking its time apparently.

William Chocox: +K'hal+ Hey Science K'hal, I have something really weird that we're sending you.

Rhan K'hal: :: routes it to data central ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Good. ::Nods. Glances over to Swain.:: Sir.

Cptn Swain: Status report?

Hakran K'hal: +Will+ Oh? Let's have a look. :: plops in a chair and wheels over to his console ::

Indaura Ryssan: :: Treating someone else now ::

Hakran K'hal: +Will+ What the?

William Chocox: +K'hal+ That was our reaction. In as many words.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Something of a hiccup in Excalibur's navigation causes it to slip out of its current location and move to another seemingly of its own accord.

Maryse Dubois: Seems a lot of people have been suffering similar effects. ::Motions to a bed.:: Have a seat.

Hakran K'hal: :: goes into his extreme concentration mode ::

Rhan K'hal: Holy mother of moo milk, what was that?

Irene Mincine: "Really? Good thing we haven't been in any big battles recently, huh?" :: Irene plopped down in the biobed, carefully. :: "I really hope I don't need another round of surgery..."

Hunter Matheson: ::blink:: Whoa.... Tork. You messing with stuff? ::madly struggles to get the ship back into position:::

Hunter Matheson: Tork> No, sir.

Rhan K'hal: Gunny, report.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> Uh...

Hakran K'hal: +Will+ Have the cargo people bring that one directly to the astrophysics lab, that needs a major going over.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> I don't think that's supposed to happen.

Hunter Matheson: What the... ::fighting with the navigation system, to Rhan K without looking over:: Can't keep nav in position, sir.

Maryse Dubois: We'll try to avoid that. As for now. ::Hands Irene a PADD with recent data that Maryse had been dealing with.:: Something to distract you with? ::Starts examining the shoulder.::

Hunter Matheson: Shifting to manual. Tork, take everything to manual.

Hunter Matheson: ::checking the board, juggling things around:::

Cptn Swain: ::Puts his tea cup down::

Rhan K'hal: :: checks the computer system since that's his specialty ::

Hunter Matheson: :::watching nav disintegrate into its own personality::: Hold on... ::slips under his console and pulls a chip, then returns to the board:::

Irene Mincine: :: Physically, it was still repaired. Problem was that the healing that's been taking place around Maryse's repair job seems to be undoing itself. :: "Ah, biological data. This I might be able to something more with than the sensor data." :: She pores over the PADD while Maryse works. ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We've been having some strange occurrences since arriving here, sir. ::To Swain.:: Medical is reporting headaches in several crew. The mix matrix in the engines went off earlier and now... ::Looking to Matheson:: ...It seems like there's something tweaked in our navigation.

Hunter Matheson: Captain, the ship's changing course on its own. Even on manual, it's not responding to my commands.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Delegates from the other ships are currently in the holodeck, surveying the recovered debris.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> We're not actually moving.

Hunter Matheson: Permission to send out an APB to warn.... Not moving?

Rhan K'hal: Yeah, I think the space is moving, the way the computer is trying to recalculate based on astrometric data.

Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::Nods:: Cross reference our actual position. We're not moving.

Cptn Swain: ::Bites his lip::

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ K'hal to Lt. ... Hell, you-know-who. Have we had any more chroniton related activity? They just found a piece of debris with materially reverted alloy.

Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Cross referencing our position with astronomical data, and.... ::looks up:: we're not moving.

Maryse Dubois: Well good news of sorts. It's not completely reverted, so I can fix this without surgery. ::Goes to grab the necessary tools.::

Hunter Matheson: What the hell?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Space is moving? ::Her frown deepened.::

Hunter Matheson: ::slips the chip back into the console:::

Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::brings up the files:: +K'Hal+ Only background levels. But we're experiencing something unusual with our navigational array.

Hunter Matheson: Well, ma'am, space is always moving, but not exactly like this... I mean... well... you know.

Hunter Matheson: ::still working on it::

Irene Mincine: "Uh-huh." :: Irene is still concentrating on the PADD.. :: "There's definitely some kind of biological reversion process at work here. I think if you fix it, it's just going to un-fix itself until we find out why this is happening."

Irene Mincine: "And fix *that*, presumably."

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ Good.

Hunter Matheson: ::checks the Romulan ship and the other two::

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ Good, because it means my hypothesis was correct and spacetime seems to be a *wee* bit fractured around here. Now we have to figure out how to fix it or escape its effect before we end up like the debris in cargo bay 1.

Hunter Matheson: ::reestablishes stationkeeping on auto:::

Cptn Swain: Issaha> +K'hal+ A reasonable supposition, but I would suggest we find out *how* it fractured first.

Cptn Swain: ** TWO MINUTE WARNING **

Maryse Dubois: :;Comes back with the tools.:: Rhan mentioned chronitons, but I think there might be more to it. ::Works on the shoulder.:: You're going to have to wear a brace again for a while. Just in case it does get undone.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Sensors suddenly show a spike in the Kaedwan cruiser's engines and the ships begins to accelerate rapidly, putting it on a collision course with Excalibur. Alarms on the bridge began blaring.

Hakran K'hal: +Issaha+ I'd say survival tops scientific interest in this case, but if helps us do so then so be it. Pass it along to the command crew, I have to sell this to our guests.

Hunter Matheson: Hang on! ::goes manual:: Strap in...

Rhan K'hal: Oh boy.

Cptn Swain: ...AND...

Hunter Matheson: Give me some shields! :::dives away from the cruiser:::

Indaura Ryssan: :: Injects someone with a mild medicine ::

Hunter Matheson: Going to full impulse dive...


Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM


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