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Theobald Dumont

"Regular Distribution"

"Regular Distribution"

Personal Log: Stardate 1223.18

    Theobald was beginning to learn some of the many purposes of the Sky Harbor from his weekly game of poker. Aegis was a supply depot for some, a rest stop for travellers, a port in a magnetic storm. 

     Dumont was really quite impressed with the subspace communications relays and often spent time on one of the control decks watching the massive amount of traffic being transmitted through the sector. He was intrigued by the prospect of visiting the nearby shipyard and asteroid mining facilities. One of the reasons he chose Starfleet Science, was that his mother Ursula used to explain to him the processes involved in the refinement of beryllium. As a youth, he had always found her explanations fascinating, but he didn't have the constitution to become an actual miner.

    The private table set upstairs in Drankum's was a rogues gallery. A junior officer here and there, the odd Lissepian, civilians from very different walks of life, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians, Oh My! Theo was as comfortable with those strangers as he had been on the Moon. Only they were not students, so the stakes were more serious. On one particularly lucky night, Theo hit the jackpot! The cards he had been dealt allowed him to bet high on a rare straight flush, in diamonds of course. 

    Theo and Rutia made sure all their finances were kept separate. But they decided together to make a regular donation to charity. Rutia would handle all the details, as she was more than familiar with that sort of thing. She had the shrewd acumen of a businessman like her father before her. It was to be a charitable endowment from Theo's gambling winnings, and part of Rutia's inheritance. 

    The funds were deposited into a permanent account with the Bank of Bolius. She arranged it so that the principal could never be withdrawn. However, it would sit there for years and compound exponentially. She would make sure all the taxes were paid in full to the proper authorities, but she was annoyed with the suspiciously enormous fees she had to surrender to the Ferengi Gaming Consortium. 

    From the interest, Dumont was guaranteed a small disbursal every week. It wasn't much, but it was just enough for him to be able to "circulate" among the shops and businesses on the station, including Drankum's. A drink here and there, the occasional dinner, and of course a friendly game of poker would suffice. And besides, it was only latinum, what did a Starfleet officer need with that? 

    The rest of the interest from the account would be distributed to the Dominion War Orphan's Fund, and it was a monthly donation. It put the couple's minds at ease, and made them happy to be so generous.

Edited by Theobald Dumont

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