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Theobald Dumont

"Night Shift"

"Night Shift"

Personal Log: Stardate 1222.18

     One night around 22:00 hours, Dumont was found working late in the Science Lab. He was tired, but the coffee sparked his nerves. He was seated at the main computer access terminal, a tricorder humming with data by his side. With one finger just below his nose, the ensign was mulling. He had really appreciated the help from the medical officers and especially his department chief. Running through his mind was all the information they had gathered on the Dahlem cosmic ray suit. 

     It was difficult for Theobald to get a handle on one of the variables in this mystery, and that was telepathy. He had more questions than answers. Were the Dahlem capable of instant communication at interstellar distances? If they could kill with a mere thought, it was probably a good thing that the suit was under lock and key. A wise ensign would try to keep his curiosity in check. But he also wondered how Medical got a blood sample, considering the Dahlem were highly intolerant of pain. Why they were so was also puzzling. 

      Considering the nanites had folded the suit after removal, Theo surmised that they were intelligent. They seemed to operate on an instinctual level, but were probably only utilitarian in nature. Something he could focus on, were the nanites and their programming. It should have been a simple matter. One major snag in his efforts was the definition of terms. The Dahlem language was far more complicated than Federation Standard. The universal translator was inadequate in this instance. Also, he didn't want to step on the Medical Department's toes when it came to the DNA aspect of the assignment.  

     Dumont noted considerable subspace field modulation when the suit was activated. Oh no, not another warp field theory question. It gave him a headache and something else was gnawing on his mind. This technology was so far advanced, why would Starfleet allow a few humble science and medical officers access? Theo had had serious misgivings about the effort because he had almost lost one of his colleagues in the process.

    It was time to put this puppy to bed. Theo pulled himself up out of his seat and proceeded to his quarters, padd under arm. The lights along the Commerce deck were dim. As he walked past, he could hear the chimes as the shops locked their doors for the night.

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