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Theobald Dumont

"Working Lunch"

"Working Lunch"

Personal Log: Stardate 1201.18

     Early in the afternoon, Midshipman Dumont was starting to feel hungry. It was time for his lunch break. Moving through the corridors, he was approached by a materials science technician who had just stepped out of the geology lab. The technician handed Theo a PADD and proceeded on his way. Dumont would read it carefully upon entering the nearest replimat.

     Theo procured a lemonade and a crab salad with endive and croutons from the replicator. He was used to fresh fruit and vegetables at the Beta Agni Colony, however this fare left a somewhat bitter taste in his mouth. It was of little concern, but he missed his mother Ursula's cooking. Whether it was coffee, juice, or tea, she knew that the taste always depended first on the quality of the water.

     Eating and reading, Dumont realized that his knowledge of subspace was woefully inadequate. He should have taken more warp field theory classes at the Academy. Instead, he had spent six years mostly studying in the Federation archives.

     In any case, the midshipman found his fellow crewmembers on Aegis most helpful. If only he could excise and study a piece of the cosmic ray suit they were working on. What could this material be made of, and how? Was it a semiconductor or insulation? A polymer? A metal alloy? Maybe even crystalline minerals or biomatter? Perhaps a composite? Or something entirely unknown. The Dahlem were truly alien to Theo.

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