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Johnson Kenyon

Personal Log: 4 days on Aegis

Personal Log

Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson Kenyon

30 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.121


All I have got to say is that Skyharbor Aegis lives up to its name.  It feels like I have only been here a day, but then I realize I arrived on the 27th.  I have been here for four days and have been busy learning the ropes of engineering and have inadvertently fumbled on a highly advanced species.  This species is presently engaged in First Contact. 

Frankly, I am relieved to not be involved in First Contact.  Not that I am against First Contact.  I just need to have some time to get used to my surroundings.  It hasn’t even been a week for pete sakes and I feel like I have been trying to keep up with everything engineering has to do.

I’m grateful to the Chief Engineer Nijil.  He seems to take things in stride.  Of course, I have to wonder if spending time watching the repair cycles on the station hologram is best when an alien species comes knocking on our door.  Perhaps he isn’t the explorer type.  Me?  I thought I was.  Until….  Well…  Meeting the alien species, having them look around and use telepathy.  Well, it kind of freaked me out.  I have to remember this when I am involved in any sort of First Contact situation.  We have to expect…  Well, we have to expect they will not like learning they are flies in the speck of the universe. 

There’s a whole expanse of space out there and I think it important that we remember we are in the middle of our evolution.  Even as we meet others who are learning and growing as a civilization, we must continue to push ourselves to grow.  To that extent, I think I will choose to not be freaked out again.

Really though, what have I seen in this time-diluted station?  I have seen Main Engineering, CnC, the Commerce deck and the top of the station where the primary sensors work.  I have seen the insides of the Operations console, medical, the Perfume shop and Drankum’s bar.  That is to say, amazingly, I have seen a lot. 

I shouldn’t be surprised really, Captain Kirk was one of the most highly decorated and fastest advancing officers in Star Fleet history.  Not that I would put myself in Captain Kirk’s shoes, but 2 promotions in less than a week.  Well – it ought to be a record.  Still.  Some of the people have only been here for a few years and are sporting ranks of Commander.  There is something about this place that encourages and brings out the best in Star Fleet officers.  Those that survive the Fire and Turmoil of Skyharbor Aegis are the best in their ranks.  I count myself worthy to be among them.

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