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Theobald Dumont

"Getting the Lay of the Land"

"Getting the Lay of the Land"

Personal Log: Stardate 1125.18

     After attending his introductions in the CnC and Sickbay, Midshipman Theo decided to explore the "lower decks" of Sky Harbor Aegis. It would be to his advantage to get familiar with the station and crew, especially after meeting his "bosses".

     Theo's first stop would be the Quartermaster's office. There he engaged a staff member and placed a requisition order for two additional science uniforms. Afterall, research was a messy occupation and Theo wanted to be prepared. He would schedule a pick up time once his permanent quarters were established. In addition, he was issued a tricorder modified to the scientific configuration. Theo performed a level 4 diagnostic and pocketed the device.

     Next on his list was a visit to the "mess hall". The computer guided him to the most popular replimat for junior Starfleet officers. Theo ordered a black tea hot, with lemon from the replicator and sat down to rest a few minutes. He struck up a conversation with one of the "blue shirt" technicians and inquired about the typical workload on the starbase.

     Picking up the pace, Theo headed for Main Science on Deck 58. His training for starship duty at the Academy did not prepare him for the impressive range of Aegis' facilities. Along the way he noted the location of astrophysics, biochemistry labs, geology, stellar cartography, spectrometry, and exobiology among others in residence.

     Finally, Theo ended up at what he thought might be his normal duty station. From there, he accessed the lateral sensor arrays. There was a battery of passive and active sensor instruments including scanners for the complete electromagnetic spectrum, thermal imaging, particle mapping, gravimetric measurement, remote lifeform analysis, and astronomical observation. Perhaps Aegis even had a temporal mechanics terminal, he didn't dare to ask.

     Glancing over the full complement of class 1-9 sensor probes and planetary analysis suite, Theo assumed the LCARS would be equally as powerful. After regaining his composure, which he was not oft wont to lose, Midshipman Theo began thinking about his first day as a science officer. It seemed rather daunting.

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