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Theobald Dumont

"Business Opportunity"

"Business Opportunity"

Personal Log: Stardate 1123.18

     Theo was seated at a table near the front entrance to Drankum's Bar. He usually ate sparingly, but this time he wanted something special. So he ordered a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese and an Altair Water.

     After placing his order, Theo advised the Ferengi waiter of his need to obtain some gold-pressed latinum. This had to be done legally. He was afterall, an upright citizen of the Federation and now, a Starfleet officer. 

     The waiter said he would make the proper arrangements if the midshipman would open a line of credit with the establishment. That sounded quite reasonable. Theo needed a trustworthy and prompt buyer for his recently deposited assets.

     Fortunately, one of Theo's uncles was Barolian, and a second officer aboard a freighter. The ship had made frequent supply stops on Beta Agni II, a Federation colony and Theo's homeworld. The crew often traded in precious metals as there was a Federation beryllium refinery in the star system.

     This uncle gave Theo an exceptionally valuable gift upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. The newly minted officer received a beryllium crystal encased in an iridium-titanium shell. Theo suspected that this ruby red beauty might fetch a tidy sum. Theo's brother had been given the same two years earlier.

     To Theo and his brother, were bequeathed each a good luck charm from home and an insurance policy they never expected. The only question now, was how much and how many Ferengi would shave off the top in transaction fees.

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