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Admiral Atragon-9

How do you keep 'em down on the farm...

:: Looking around the Science lab, he is painfully aware that someone on the Bridge can cut the power and atmo to the lab with one button; they can eject it from the ship entirely with a second button.  It is a tenuous feeling ::
Well, I guess they think I'm mostly still me, since they haven't blocked my comm links from here, but I bet it's being monitored - it's what I would do.  I sent the full details from my suit and Pegasus sensors to the Federation Council, as I'm sure they need all the info they can get on this new and now stable wormhole in Sector 001.  It's interesting that the Ilus have put a gate up to keep undesirables from shooting through and for keeping ships from the passage until they have been fully augmented, to sustain the trip without any negative side effects.
:: looks in a mirror and sees an older version of himself looking back :: (q) Side effects, huh?  Who wants to stay young and pretty forever?  :: sighs ::  yeah, silly question.
The gate has a construct along one edge that is the size of a Defiant-class ship.  My sensor scans of it, as I passed through the opening, show it as having an Earth-like atmosphere and standard gravity.  So, are they going to hand over the controls to the Federation?  It sure looks like they've already set up a C&C that can be staffed by us mere bipeds.
I can't wait to see what the Fed Council thinks of all this - and of me.  I included the biosensor output from my exoskeletal suit which includes the period when it was morphing from an external suit to being part of ... me.  They also have all of the analysis from the Pegasus systems and everything being collected here in the Science lab.  I am making full sets of all of this available to Sovak and the rest of the Manticore crew, as well.
So now they'll come in with Biohaz gear on to see if I've been turned into some sort of alien.  If I didn't think it would get me Spaced, I am very tempted to scream in gibberish, start to quiver and roll my eyes back into my head.  But yeah, I don't think they have that kind of sense of humor, y'know?
[[ The Gate can best be described as a combination between the one from The Expanse novel, Abaddon's Gate; the Stargate from SG-1; The Tholian Web from ST:TOS; and a Jumpgate from Babylon-5.  Visually, it looks like a gigantic metallic speaker grill ( y'see kids, your parents had "stereo" equipment and this included big boxes that produced sound called speakers and...  oh never mind ) ]]

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