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Admiral Atragon-9

A9 Personal Log, 511811.11, Down the rabbit hole

Open Personal Log, Admiral Atragon-9, assigned "old man" status for USS Manticore, NCC-5852-A, password *********

{whirr, click}

I have entered the wormhole maintained and generated by the Ilus.  What I didn't explain to the Command staff of Manticore is what the Ilus had already transmitted to my exoskel suit after it had made the direct connection with the ship.  Without specific alterations or protection, no Federation ship or organic representative could survive the transit.  Standard probes would be destroyed and this would lead to the Federation declaring the wormhole off limits. However, I could make the transit with the augmentations provided to my suit, once it was connected to the Pegasus.  Sure, I could had a big meeting with the crew, but that would have given Sovak too much time to ponder and McFly too much ammunition to say it's too dangerous a risk to take myself.  And speaking of ammo, Kansas would have probably chained herself to me and strapped on grenades just to prove her worthiness to protect me (wait, no... I mean...  hmm)  I had to do this alone and Fast!

Plugging my suit into the Pegasus allowed for the alterations to protect the hull just before I crossed the event horizon.  As I have continued the transit, the Pegasus continues to undergo more enhancements; I wonder if it will even register as a Federation ship by the time I return.  The transit is wreaking havoc on the ship's recording and sensor equipment, I don't have any viable information on where I'm going.  I'm hoping this is just due to the transit itself and the ongoing Pegasus modifications.  I should have waited until the mods were complete before diving in, but I couldn't chance some foolhardy "rescue" attempt by the crew.  My suit systems are now working well, so I have hopes the Pegasus equipment will also catch up and adapt to the alterations.  An interesting data set is being collected by my exoskel bio-sensors.  If I believe the displays, time is passing normally for the ship and my mind, but not so for my body.  I entered the wormhole three days ago, but the bio sensors tell me that my body has aged eight years.  I always wanted to go for distinguished grey at the temples look, I just wanted to get there at the usual pace.  At this rate, I will have to face a lot of 'I told you so' looks from the crew when I get back, if my eyes are still working at that age!

Getting back - yeah, I don't really have a plan for that.  I hope there is a clear re-entry point for me at the other end of the wormhole, so I *CAN* get back - boy, how old will I be then?  Or does the aging reverse on the reverse trip?  Yeah, yeah, I should have brought a whole team, but they don't have the altered carbon needed to survive the voyage.  Really, none of this will matter if I don't keep my sanity.  I am a very social animal and this extended 'alone time' is starting to get to me.  Thank goodness for my collection of Rebo and Zooty episodes, if I can laugh, I don't feel so cut off.  I wonder how long this trip will take?  I only have a few more days of R&Z shows.  Then it's re-runs and on to Kilgore Trout dramatizations, this could get rough!

EOM, EOT  {whurr, clunk}

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