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Admiral Atragon-9


= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1001, STARDATE 51809.17 = /\ =
The Manticore was called to Titan due to extreme seismic activity. 
Sci and Eng discovered that the focus of the energy disruption is 
fixed in space, not on the surface of the moon.  A9 went to the dome 
to coordinate the relief effort and the ship stayed at the energy nexus, 
to discover and defuse the source before Titan returns to it. The 
disruption is made of Anti-Verterons, making this the terminus of a 
wormhole.  The moon came back just as the ship flooded the nexus 
with a huge dose of Anti-Verterons, to force open the wormhole. 
The sensors detected a half-dozen alien craft coming through and 
we were face with a group of small, alien ships.  After some Federation 
posturing and threats, a misunderstanding in the First Contact led to 
the destruction or disabling of all of the alien craft, but NOT by the 
Manticore - how about that for something surprising!
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1001, STARDATE 51809.17 = /\ =

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