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Cptn Swain

Federation News Network: News Round Up



Presidential Candidates Debate Future of Cardassian Reconstruction, Domestic Polcies at Forum  
Front runners vying to led the Federation met on Betazed for the first of a series of candidate forums ahead of formal debates scheduled for later next month. Candidates discussed a myriad of issues including the long, ongoing effort to rebuild Cardassia. With both President Bacco and her Vice-President opting out of runs, the field is considered wide-open. The next forum will be held on Vulcan on SD 28802.3. Tune in live to FNN for full coverage. 

Romulan Empire Announces Tighter Visa Requirements
Citing a rise of security concerns on outlying worlds, the Romulan government has announced a series of changes to their already strict visa requirements for Federation citizens wishing to enter Romulan space. Beginning early next week, Federation citizens will be required to produce a number of new documents verifying their identity, and will be limited to only two weeks in Romulan space for non-government related travel. The Federation Diplomatic corps has released a statement saying they find the change ‘troubling’ and intend to discuss the matter at ‘the highest levels.’ More at FNN Intergalactic. 

Future Federation Members Converge on Risa
Dozens of candidate worlds sent representatives to Risa to participate in a conference designed to allow a cross-culture exchange of issues facing those worlds on a variety of topics, including security, healthcare and infrastructure development. More at FNN Politcs. 

Elasia To Host 2390 Federation Track and Field Championships
Following their expected ascension to full-federation membership, Elasia will play host to the 2390 Federation Track and Field Championships. “We’re very excited,” Jalen L’Kan, chairment of the FOGC, said at the announcement on Earth, “The Elasians put together such an amazing bid and we’re excited for our athletes to compete in such excellent venues.” More at FNN Sports.

Investigation Into Labor Practices Announced
The Federation Trade and Labour Board announced it would launch a full inquiry into reports over unsafe labor practices in the Tamaran Empire, following allegations that the long-time supplier of Federation biogel has been skirting labor regulations required for any Federation trade partner. The Tamaran Empire had denied any systematic issue, but did allow that ‘some’ suppliers could be breaking those rules and has vowed to address concerns by the Federation. More at FNN Markets.

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