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Irene Mincine

A Proud Tradition

Irene Mincine awoke in a darkened room, her head spinning. She tried to clear her disorientation – remembering where she was and how she got here. 

The darkened room – that was where she was spending the night planetside on Risa. It was one of the suites in the resort the commander had managed to reserve during the conference. It was spacious, more spacious than the captain’s quarters aboard the Excalibur. Irene was in the bedroom, which was separated from the rest of the suite by a sliding partition. 

She remembered going to a club that someone recommended. Pounding beats were the soundtrack to a fun evening she spent with a Deltan woman, Kasmati. Eventually, she took her back to the resort room. If they didn’t find jamaharon, they got close. 

But she awoke with the bed empty. Kasmati must have gone home at some point, she figured, but it was still dark out. Irene sat up in the bed, nearly falling back down. “Must have drank more than I thought...” she mumbled as she swung her legs to the floor. 

She needed to pee really badly, so she figured that was true. The suite’s bathroom was on the other side of the partition. Irene managed to get to her feet somehow, holding her head the whole way. Little early for a hangover, she still felt the effects of all that Aldebaran whiskey. How long had she been asleep? Irene looked at the digital readout on the wall clock – 04:30 local time. Barely an hour! 

She slid the partition open and stumbled through. 

On the other side was Kasmati, looking quite surprised. “Oh, hi, Irene...” 

A Ferengi voice kicked in from a communicator. “10, 15 bars! Easy!”  It didn’t quite register through Irene’s semi-sedated state. “What’s... ugh... what’s going on?” 

“Nothing, go back to bed.” Kasmati said, warmly, yet somehow deceptively. 

The communicator kicked in again. “What’s going on? Who are you talking to?” 

Irene blinked, trying to clear her head. “What are you doing with... all my stuff?” She finally came to the realization that something wasn’t right, taking a defensive posture.

“I told you the sedative wouldn’t work on her, she’s part-Klingon...” Kasmati growled into the communicator. 

“Hold it!” Irene fumbled for her phaser on the table, dropping it. Kasmati dove for it, most of Irene’s belongings in a bag over her shoulder. 

“I’m getting you out of there! Give me a second to bounce the transporter signal off the enhancers,” the communicator barked, a computer bleeping in the background.

Irene and Kasmati fought over the phaser, with Irene not ripping Kasmati’s arms off and beating her with them only because of the sedative. The phaser fired into the ceiling, narrowly missing Irene’s head.  

“You idiot! You just set off every alarm in the building!”

Irene and Kasmati, still brawling on the floor, disappeared with the flash of a Ferengi transporter... only Irene’s combadge was left on the floor. 

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