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Irene Mincine


Personal log, Ensign Irene Mincine.

We’re off to Risa. That’s a good change from 3 days in a holding cell, isn’t it? When the commander came to bail me out, I was sure I was in for it - instead I got appointed as her personal trainer! I was really confused by that but she said she doesn’t really trust the security heads to not make fun of her behind her back. Understandable, I heard from someone in engineering that she broke three fingers punching out the captain’s lights. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about operations while we’re on the holodeck.


The cats are settling in on Excalibur fine. I’ve set up a storeroom as a little house for them. I got permission to turn up the inertial dampeners in that section to keep them from getting hurt if the ship hits turbulence or... you know, gets shot at. Some of the other science staff are looking after them, too, but they seem to be good at taking care of themselves.


I’ve never been to Risa. I’m looking forward to it, though. Hopefully we get some time to ourselves to... well... uh, computer, delete that last line. I understand we’re ferrying some VIP around, and I’m not security, so... should be a fun time. As long as... Issaha... stays away from me.

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