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Irene Mincine

Vintage 2359

(Recorded the morning after the last sim ended. Issaha involvement courtesy of Cptn Swain.)

Personal log, Irene Mincine.

So we're on leave on Starbase 39-T while they sort out our next assignment. I'm excited to see where we're going next. More excited than I am to be in another Starfleet holding cell.

I didn't know we had a Romulan on board. Let me get one thing out: I do not like Romulans. P'Lor told me about all the times they've covertly and overtly screwed with the Empire, plus she's blown up a few Warbirds in her day. When I got back on Excalibur, and I found a Romulan scientist, I was ready to blast him myself. It's a good thing I didn't, because he's both rich and an exchange officer... who's rotating to planetary sciences soon, he says. I'd better talk to Lt. K'hal about that.

Anyway, he invited me out to the starbase since we’re both on leave. I took him up on some 2359 bloodwine in a moment of weakness. We weren’t there for 10 minutes before he was all over me! What a creep. After one particularly lecherous act (which I will not describe), I socked him in the mouth, leaving that rich idiot on the floor of the bar. Security hauled me off to the brig and him off to sick bay. I think I’m banned from the station now. Could be the bloodwine talking but it was totally worth it.

Anyway, I'm stuck here until someone from Excalibur comes and bails me out, so I've got a lot of time to think. This probably wasn't the smartest thing to do but it felt pretty good. Formal charges may be no good for my career, though... (sigh). And I'm not looking forward to the inevitable lecture from Commander Hawthorne.

Edited by Irene Mincine

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