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Cptn Swain

Lapse of Judgement


A shower hummed softly in the background of Asher’s quarters aboard the Excalibur. Arden bit his lip as he picked up the brass sextant on his husband’s desk. It had been a gift, from Arden, when they got back together again after some disagreement -- Arden couldn’t even remember when exactly.  That had always been the nature of their relationship. On again, off again with long periods of not talking to each other.

He thought they were finally past that.  Glancing towards the bathroom, he wondered if he’d been wrong.  Exhaling he set the sextant down. “I’m going to go check on a few things,” he said loud enough for Asher to hear him. “I’ll be back.”

“Don’t go,” came a quick reply. “I am almost done, and anyway you need to get one too. Doctor’s orders.”  

Arden sighed. Dr. Dubois had given all of the crew who’d been aboard the Lugh actual orders to shower and rest.  “I know,” he said, “I won’t be long.” Before he could leave, Asher emerged from the bathroom, draped in a towel, his body glistening in the low lights.

“You shaved.”

“I know you hate when I have a beard,” Asher said with a boyish grin.  “I’ll have Talen do something about the pony tail too, promises.”

“If you think sucking up is going to make me less mad at you,” Arden said with a tired sigh. “You might be right. But only a little. Though don’t expect Miranda to be so forgiving.”

“I don’t expect either of you to be, honestly.”

“I told you along time ago, I’d always be here for you. Even if you make that incredibly hard sometimes, it’s a promise I intend to keep.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve you.”

“You don’t, but the gods seem content to let that slide. Anyway,  I am going to stay in some quarters K’hal arranged for me on deck 4. Don’t ask me to say. I love you Asher, gods know why but I do. Right now, though, I need sometime in my own headspace and you need to rest.  I’ll be up for breakfast, okay?”

Though he wanted to protest, Asher nodded. “Do I at least get a good night kiss?”

“I hate you, I really do.”

Eventually, Asher was left alone in his quarters.  He made his way to the small bar in the corner and opened a bottle of wine.  He should never have left for Telar Minor, he considered. Not without telling Arden what was going on. He had deserved that much.

A chime interrupted. He half expected it to be Miranda. She had deserved more too. It was, however, just the intercom. “Captain, I have Vice-Admiral Tersan for you.”

He grunted a sigh. Couldn’t she have waited a few hours. “Of course,” he said, finding a shirt and pants. “Put her through.”

“Captain,” Tersan began, “I am glad to see you’re unharmed. Commander Hawthorne reports your captor and his compatriots are in custody.”

“Yes. He turned himself in,” Asher added.

“Good. Captain -- Asher -- I am going to level with you. This entire incident is more than a little concerning and I will spare you a lecture.”

That was some small measure of relief.

“Out of deference to your husband, and to your ex-oh and crew -- all of which you owe a great deal of gratitude towards -- I let them go off on their rescue mission, off the books.  I’ve only skimmed the preliminary statements by this Kai Emaril, as well as your own and just -- what on Earth you were thinking escapes me -- but,” she held a hand up, “ Like I said, I am not going to lecture you. Other than your previous run in with Mr. Emaril you have a distinguished service career that shows an excellent record of judgement. On that basis, I’ve recommended that this not go to a full board of inquiry and Command has, provisionally, accepted that. So this will all be in house for sector command. “

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Captain. It’s possible that we could find something that would merit opening a full inquest, but I would prefer that not to happen so if you have anything you’d like to tell me that was not in your initial report, now would be the time.”

“Not that I am aware of, ma’am.”

“I’ll hold you to that. “ She paused for a moment, straightening in her chair. “I would hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, but until we’ve finished our investigation, I am going to be suspending you from active duty. Commander Hawthorn will continue to have operational command of the Excalibur until the matter is resolved and I am including formal orders to that effect now. “

“Of course.”

“Very well -- unless you had anything else for me, Captain?”

“Only that I appreciate you allowing my crew and Arden to be the ones to mount my rescue, and I apologize for the inconvenience my lapse of judgement has caused you.”

"Just see it doesn't become a habit."

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