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Irene Mincine


(Recorded during the tow home.)

Personal Log, Irene Mincine.

The captain is back! Our travels in the Large Magellanic Cloud are over and we’re going home... well, being towed home. I’m glad to be getting off this rust bucket Miranda back to a clean, modern starship. I’m a little anxious, though, because when you go from a skeleton crew of 10 to a crew of 500 it means you get lost in the shuffle pretty easily. I hope I don’t end up back in my lab for the rest of my tour of duty. I’m really enjoying the increased responsibility (and regular spot on the bridge!) of the Lugh, even if it’s falling apart. But mostly I'm glad that after ste--*ahem* taking her... for a little longer than expected... we're not ending up in the brig until the end of time.

Anyway, Commander Hawthorne put me in charge of our new passengers once we’re back on the Excalibur: a pair of radiation-absorbing warp-sensing cat-like creatures we found in the captain’s yacht. The Caitians would probably have been a better fit, but... they really seem to like me. Oddly, they don’t like the captain. When he returned, they were very angry. I’ve never seen them act like that. I wonder what he did to them. Or what they can sense in him. I'm starting an exobiology report right away once I get back to some proper equipment.

I really think I’m trying my best not to stand in my own way. I can only hope that the captain and commander are impressed enough with my work so far to keep calling on me for these tasks. The sooner I make lieutenant, the sooner I’m out of bunking with Ensign Malcolm of Gasbag Prime and into my own quarters. 

Uh, also, note: Cats do not like feline supplements 31, 32, or 33. Must get more Caitian recipes from Lt. K’hal. 

Edited by Irene Mincine

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