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Irene Mincine

Onward and Upward

Recorded while Irene was taking the kitties from Engineering to the main transporter room...

Personal Log, Irene Mincine.

I know I'm supposed to be keeping these regularly but I haven't had much to talk about since I got to the Excalibur... Lugh... whatever. Personal log, Irene Mincine, I grew some potatoes. Personal log, Irene Mincine, I planted some radishes.

I remember when I wanted to join Starfleet. Mom was sure that I'd be killed in some no-name battle against the Dominion, maybe not even in this quadrant or defending anything of value. That's how wars go for Klingons. But the war ended while I was in the academy, and to be honest? Maybe I wanted to die an Honorable Klingon Death like that at some point out of spite.

(Sounds of hands and feet on a metal ladder.)

I didn't want to live in obscurity, toiling away on the lower decks of a Galaxy for the next 40 years and publishing academic papers nobody would read. Don't get me wrong, I love botany, but who doesn't want to command a starship? Commander Mislat always said that you have to take risks if you want to get anywhere, to be seen. Well, I sure was seen in the academy. Made and lost Red Squad thanks to my own stupidity and arrogance, thrown in the brig for 10 days, mandatory Vulcan meditation classes, it's all in my record. I'm sure along with a note about how to never let me off of Deck One Million.

(Irene loudly manually opens a heavy sliding door.)

I've tried to be the best junior officer I can. Not complaining about not being told why the captain is missing, because you're not told everything. Not complaining about growing vegetables in the mess hall of a hulk older than my grandfather, because the senior officers have their reasons. Ensigns don't complain, at least not publicly. But on the inside, I've been stewing. I know, it seems silly to think like that when you've been on the job for 6 months, right? Why would I think it would be different?

At least... that's what I thought until they really needed a planetary scientist for an away mission. Funny how it seems like everything can turn around for you with one decision by someone you've met once or twice. Now I've gone from potatoes to climbing through ancient ruins, chasing radiation-eating cats through Jeffries tubes... things I never thought I'd be doing when I joined. Scientists like me sit around collecting samples and stuff! But... I think this is really why I joined Starfleet. 

(A smaller, lighter door slides open.)

Transporter room, OK, let's get going, cats.

I hope this is just the start. End log.

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