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William Chocox

William Chocox

Name: William N. Chocox

  Rank: Lieutenant (S.G.)

  Ships Served on: U.S.S. Excalibur-C

  Area of service: Engineering

  Birth date: March 21, 2367

  Age: 22

  Height: 5’ 8”

  Weight: 170 lbs.

  Hair: Red hair with red goatee

  William Chocox entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 18. He quickly chose Engineering as his area of expertise and was among the top of his class. He graduated from the academy and was assigned to the U.S.S Excalibur-C on the Gamma shift. He has recently been assigned to the Alpha shift. His favorite drink is Earl Grey tea and he keeps a stash of real tea leaves in his quarters, though he will suffer replicator tea from time to time.

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