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Lerak trPexil

More from Home


More from Home


To: Lerak tr'Pexil, RES Talon

From: Nalia t'eaha'lagga


Jolan tru Lerak. I hope this message gets to au in your good health. Speaking of which, I'm almost back to my pre-Othan weight after my recovery. I'm not telling au what that was of course, you'll just have to guess. Na too high. I have visited several doctors in the area, at your parents request. There is na trace of the pathogen in my system. Nor is there any at your place, sealed up as it was.


Thanks for letting me use your room while au are driving those Othan back to the hole from which they crept. I go out on the balcony and stare out at the ocean. The waves are very calming. I've even left the window open to have the waves guide me to sleep. Speaking of which. Where did au get those bed sheets? I've never felt anything like them. Soft...smooth. Amazing. I may never be able to sleep anywhere else again.


See the enclosed holo-pictures I sent of myself. Au can't say I'm na looking better. Aur sister took a picture just as I arrived.


Enough about me. What about au? Get with your commander yet? Au should just ask her, unless au are waiting another decade for just the right moment. From what your mother said she has had a rough family life, even very recently.


And what's that your mother told me of some women nearly slicing you in two at the Academy? Sounds like a total susse'thrai. If I ever see here I'll cut her caevra out. She even left a scar I'm told. You'll have to show me when au return. Well, unless this is a very private for au. The family did not think so.


Oh, here's a holo of your room I took. I changed things up a bit in the bedroom. The atmosphere was so dreary and dark. I know many Rihan ships use darkly-colored metals, but come one Lerry. Ha, Lerry. Lerak sounds so harsh, but that's does not seem like au. Laehval seemed a bit though, but she's your commander. She has to be.


I forgot to mention I left au something in your travel pack. Did au find it and like it? In case space is lonely and companionship does not find au. Don't hate me, your sister helped me make it. I don't understand how to do that stuff. We thought auy may need it someday.





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