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Nijil tr'Korjata

Personal Log - Nijil tr'Korjata - Idle Thoughts

SubCommander Nijil tr'Korjata

Flight Deck Engineer

Personal Log

Stardate 2388.097


I must have passed through a fluctuating time dilation field lately. I have not felt myself. I don't know if it's day or night anymore. I mean, this is a space station with no real day or night, but I'm feeling the pinch of artificial time. There's no sun to tell me when to wake up, no Remus to tell me when to sleep.


I hope after the bonding I can reset my damaged clock with some star, out there. It can't be ch'Rihan at least for a long while. Annisha won't feel the warmth of the Rihan sun either. She did last before me if what she told me was true. For that matter she will not find comfort in the warm embrace of her real mother.


I know her adoption has been the best thing for her, for us, since so much was lost to the GRB hitting home. She is so inquisitive, intelligent, and most importantly, a naughty girl. For an entire week I could not order anything that was not a contraband Blubby drink. I had to resort to others getting me a hot coffee because she programmed all of my identification methods linked to her...hack.


She'd make a fine spy I would think. Perhaps the Tal Shiar will come in the dead of night in my quarters for recruitment. Tricky devils they are.


Enough of that. Annisha told me she has the music and if I protest she will never forgive me, and that she has a present for me involving that. Probably some loud clapping machine to laugh at my bad jokes. Oh, perhaps she's planning to alter my vows.


Through all of this Jylliene has been the most patient person I know. I would think she was a Vulcan except she arrives back at our quarters in the same shape as me: exhausted physically and spent mentally. We need the, humans call it...oh, honeymoon more than the bonding itself. Would anyone miss us if we just flew off on the Nei'rrh?


<End Log>

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