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Cptn Swain



Asher frowned at the results. There was simply no scientific explanation for the readings on his PADD. Stars did not simply speed up. Their rotational delay was fixed along a mathematical timeline. He sighed and took a drink of tea. 

 He was alone in the Excalibur’s stellar cartography lab, having let the junior officers take a break while they waited on a data upload from Starfleet to complete. Glancing to another PADD he looked over the reports from the surface. His brows furrowed. 

“The fauna was not that aggressive when we were here twenty years ago,” he said to himself. “Computer, display all logs from previous Starfleet surveys of the Irassa biome.”

“There have been three previous surveys of Irassa completed by Starfleet,” the computer replied demurely. “Surveys were completed by the USS...”

“Display all data from all surveys, specifically any data on the local plants and cross-reference with the samples Beta 002 and Beta 009-2 from the Excalibur logs.”


After a few moments the information began scrolling across the display. “What the...”

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