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=/\= USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #945, STARDATE 51703.20 =/\=

The Manticore received a distress call from the Tawa. The

freighter captain and some of the crew have died from a

mysterious illness that their outdated medbay cannot diagnose.

We set up an extruded medical isolation lab, tethered to the hull

with Med, Sci and Sec personnel in the lab, examining and taking

samples from the surviving Tawa crew. Just as the dead Tawa

crew started to reanimate, the USS Obsidian arrived to take

"control of the experiment," and cleanse any of our crew who

came in contact with the infected. They also told us that biohazard

suits do not protect against the spores, so our iso lab team is all

infected. That was when A9 borrowed an sensor neutral knife and

beamed over to the Obsidian - Rambo much?


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