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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 03.12.17

MISSION BRIEF: After several days at McKinley Station in orbit of Earth, the Excalibur crew has been recalled from leave. Several new faces have joined them as they gather in the observation lounge where Captain Swain has our new orders.


Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM


William Chocox -> ::is in the observation lounge rubbing grease off his hands with a rag::

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> ::Making his way to the observation lounge.::

Hunter Matheson -> ::observation lounge, spit and polish:::

Cptn Swain -> ACTION> We have a new table in the lounge. It's cooler! Also comfier chairs.

William Chocox -> When did we get new chairs?

Hunter Matheson -> ::checking out the new digs:::

Hunter Matheson -> ::Cho:: When we got the new table?

Hakran K'hal -> :: walks into the observation lounge with his brother, helping to highlight their similarities: Rhan a bit taller and lankier, a more stylish mane and gold eyes; Hakran a bit more musclebound with his goatee-esque chin fur and green eyes ::

William Chocox -> No clue when we got those either.

Maryse Dubois -> ::In the lounge, looking over a PADD. It was the latest correspondence with McKinley CMO about Illyan's treatments.::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> :: pops into the seat next to Maryse ::

Tandaris Admiran -> ::enters the observation lounge::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Looks up and smiles.::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> ::Standing by one of the windows while she waits for everyone to get in and get settled.::

Hakran K'hal -> :: settles in opposite ::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> They finally added chairs compatible with the tailed, awesome. :: butt wiggles comfortably in his seat ::

Hunter Matheson -> ::waiting for all the SOs to take a seat before he sits:::

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> ::The tall, brown-haired security officer entered the observation lounge with a smile, carrying a PADD::

Cptn Swain -> ::Drinking coffee in the lounge, settled into big chair::

Hakran K'hal -> :: nods to the newcomer ::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Notices the newcomer.::

Annisha -> :: Oo ::

Cptn Swain -> Ah, Lt. Commander Augustin. Our new chief of security.

William Chocox -> Welcome.

Hunter Matheson -> ::straightens up out of respect::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> ::She gave the new security chief the once over, though she'd already read his file.::

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> ::Smiles:: Captain, Commanders. Everyone.

Hunter Matheson -> Sir.

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> Oh phew, when I saw that many pips coming in wearing gold I thought I'd been fired. Greetings, Commander.

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> ::takes an empty seat next to Hawthorn:: Sorry I didn't have a chance to check in with you first.

Hunter Matheson -> ::he takes an empty chair:::

Tandaris Admiran -> ::sits down:: Oooh, comfy new chairs.

Tandaris Admiran -> ::says something about how unfortunate it'll be to get rid of them when this becomes a disco rink, but it's all quick and under his breath::

Hakran K'hal -> :: slight sigh; even after kicking his brother's butt around their San Francisco home for days, it seems nothing can stop his brother's overactive muzzle from flapping ::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Looks over at Augustin and smiles politely.:: Commander, don't forget to stop by sickbay soon for the customary exam.

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> Of course.

Cptn Swain -> Well, now that we have the introduction over.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> ::Nods to Augustin.:: Short notice. We'll have our interview later.

Cptn Swain -> I hope you all had nice leave. I wanted to say again how proud I've been of all of you the last several months -- even when I've been... predisposed.

William Chocox -> Thank you sir.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> ::She threw Swain a glance, then a look at his hand.::

Cptn Swain -> ::Presses a button activating a holographic image:: This is Irassa system.

Hunter Matheson -> ::his gaze is diverted to the screen:::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Puts her PADD down and watches.::

Hakran K'hal -> :: views the holo ::

Hunter Matheson -> ::the holo image, even::

Cptn Swain -> We have been given the opportunity to explore and catalog it.

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> :: surprised :: They're letting us do science? Are all the admirals on vacation?

William Chocox -> (w)I don't trust it.

Cptn Swain -> I was asked what I wanted to do. ::grins::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> Nice one, sir.

Hakran K'hal -> :: scowls at Rhan, wants to hear the rest of the briefing ::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Smiles at the idea.:: It does seem a little...awkward for us. But it will be a nice change of pace.

Hunter Matheson -> ::balks at the name::

Tandaris Admiran -> I agree that we could use at least one mission where we are not under the threat of disintegration at the quantum level by the end of it.

Cptn Swain -> Starfleet has conducted a few surveys over the years, including by yours truly when I was aboard the George Washington.

Cptn Swain -> In fact we had a listening post here during the 50's. The Irassa system is close to the Romulan Border.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> So long as no one is shooting at us or trying to blow up the ship, I'll be happy.

Hunter Matheson -> ::shifts uneasily::

Hakran K'hal -> :: flipping through his mental catalog :: So one of those "it conveniently has land in this location" planets that Command couldn't care less if it was made of refined dilithium.

Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: I can't imagine that we will be. The planet was once home to an advanced civilization. We originally surveyed it while looking for Iconian ruins.

Maryse Dubois -> I take it you didn't find any?

Cptn Swain -> Not of the Iconians, so we moved on.

Cptn Swain -> But I've always wanted to do a better study. The system's star is also relatively interesting.

William Chocox -> Interesting how?

Hakran K'hal -> :: pulls out his own padd, pulls up the info and flips through it while keeping an ear pointed at whoever's speaking ::

Cptn Swain -> It has an unusually high rotation.

William Chocox -> Hm

Hakran K'hal -> :: that perked him up a little more :: Worth seeing if there's anything in the star's makeup responsible for it, or if it had a dancing partner once upon a time.

Hunter Matheson -> How high, Sir?

Hunter Matheson -> ::continues to be uneasy:::

Cptn Swain -> Nothing dangerous. Just enough to pique scientific curiosity.

Cptn Swain -> ::Grins:: As I said, this is about as easy of a mission as you can get.

Hunter Matheson -> So, you don't have a rotation speed, sir?

Hunter Matheson -> ::knows he's pushing it:::

William Chocox -> ::bristles:: (m)You kiss your significant other with that mouth?

Hakran K'hal -> :: recites it off the file for Hunter ::

Hunter Matheson -> ::his jaw clenches:::

Hunter Matheson -> ::but he's a minion, so he keeps quiet::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> And the best part of all, we get to go there via regular warp!

Cptn Swain -> Roughly 245km per second.

Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks.::

Hunter Matheson -> Thank you, Sir.

Cptn Swain -> Much higher than a star of its size would normally rotate.

Cptn Swain -> As I said, nothing dangerous -- just a curiosity.

Hakran K'hal -> :: would try to kick Rhan under the shiny new table but sadly a little too wide to manage without risking collateral damage to Maryse ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> (( I'm sure this new planet isn't inhabited by anything untoward. ))

Hakran K'hal -> :: has barely had a chance to review his department's resources, pulls those up to see if there's anything he needs to make a hasty request for ::

Cptn Swain -> In fact the only real danger on this mission is getting sunburned during our surveys.

William Chocox -> I'll keep that in mind.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> Do we have the security sweeps of that sector? If it is close to the border, is there an active Romulan presence nearby?

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> Ah, that's where having SPF Fur comes in handy. Though I might want to bring one of those handheld fans.

Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Yes. We do. We'll also be joined by an old friend.

William Chocox -> Who?

NDak -> Issaha> ::enters the lounge:: Arrain Issaha N'Dak, reporting as ordered.

William Chocox -> ::tries to avoid rolling his eyes::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Turns her head slightly towards the door.::

Cptn Swain -> You all remember Mr. N'Dak.

William Chocox -> Mhmm.

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> Ah, if it isn't our new friend from "nothing happened, nothing to see here, move along!" :: sigh :: Classification really makes these situations awkward.

Hunter Matheson -> ::nods politely to the Arrain:::

Maryse Dubois -> ::Gives Rhan a little poke with her elbow.::

Cptn Swain -> Mister N'Dak will be joining us as part of an... exchange program.

William Chocox -> Who'd we give to them?

Cptn Swain -> I am not sure to be honest. Not someone from our crew.

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> :: looks over at Maryse, grins ::

Hakran K'hal -> :: mutters :: If I'd known, I would've signed Rhan up.

Maryse Dubois -> ::Rolls her eyes a little and smiles.::

Cptn Swain -> Issaha> ::Smiles Politely::

Cptn Swain -> Mister N'Dak will be joining us in the science department.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> Welcome back, Arrain.

Tandaris Admiran -> Nice to have you back.

Cptn Swain -> Anyway, you'll each find your assignments for the mission as well as some additional information on the planet. We'll leave as soon as everyone's back aboard and our supplies refilled.

Hakran K'hal -> :: nods to Issaha :: I guess that means you'll be working with me. Lieutenant Hakran K'hal, newly minted chief science officer. A pleasure to meet you.

Cptn Swain -> Issaha> ::Nods taking his seat:: Jolan tru.

William Chocox -> ::looks at his PADD to see what his new orders are::

Cptn Swain -> ::Stands:: Well, that's it from me. I am looking forward to this.

Cptn Swain -> At least I didn't decide to send us on a duckblind mission.

Hunter Matheson -> ::stands as the captain stands:::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> For which we all want to hug you for, Captain.

William Chocox -> ::stands up:: Yes, thank you.

Cptn Swain -> I have to tell you, it was tempting. I think I'd look good with blue skin.

Hakran K'hal -> There are plenty of Andorian options in the holodeck, sir.

Hakran K'hal -> Or Bolian.

Cptn Swain -> True. Anyway, we leave in a few hours.

Cptn Swain -> ::Grinning:: Have a nice day.

William Chocox -> ::gets up and heads to Engineering::

Cptn Swain -> ::exits, stage left::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne -> ::Miranda looked to their new security chief.:: Come see me after you settle in.

Cptn Swain -> (( TWO MINUTE WARNING ))

Hakran K'hal -> :: Issaha :: Not sure if you've had a chance to settle in yet. I need to do some administrative work before we leave to make sure we don't leave home without something. I'll likely call a cross-shift briefing at 1800 hours.

Cptn Swain -> Issaha> ::nods:: That would be acceptable. I only arrived on Earth a few hours ago.

Hakran K'hal -> Then by all means, make yourself at home.

Cptn Swain -> Issaha> ::nods:: Thanks.

William Chocox -> ((Pursued by a bear Captain?))

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> :: Maryse :: Once the orders filter down, how long do you think it'll take Ensign Capernik to start the Calamity Pool?

Cptn Swain -> Augustin> Well, this should be fun.

Maryse Dubois -> Hmm...I would give it a day or so.

Hunter Matheson -> ::slips out quietly to go to the bridge and check the status of the helm console:::

Hakran K'hal -> Rhan> :: nods :: Good, gives me time to figure out how optimistic I want to be with my budget.

Maryse Dubois -> ::grins.::

Cptn Swain -> ..and..


Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM

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