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Sky Harbor Aegis | 17 March 2017

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 3/17/17=/\=

26 February 2388. TBS is 2 days. The time is 1310 hours (1:10 pm) Aegis local.

The energy-hungry cloud will reach Aegis in 3 days unless we can steer it toward the sun. The crew of Shray is in the Medical Complex. All medical personnel have been activated. Ships that are docked or are in the area have powered down their warp cores. Sector 119 of the asteroid belt is off limits.


=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=


Chirakis -> ::CnC, minding the store:::

Fletcher Jackson -> ::CnC, aux OPS:::

mimipavilion -> ::in medical, tending to the Shray crew::

Dacia Sandero -> ::in Sickbay, tending to the patients of the Shray::

Jylliene -> ::CnC, Ops::

Chirakis -> Mr Jackson, are you familiar with the tactical console for a station?

KelsaViegnor -> ::relaxing in her quarters, the shop closed for the day::

Alexis McFarland -> ::somewhere with Annisha and Miana:: It's so dark.

Fletcher Jackson -> ::blink, turn:: No, ma'am. I've been there, but I'm not proficient or qualified.

Tarisa -> Miana> It does not seem so dark to me.

Chirakis -> ::nod:: +Cayne+ Commander Cayne, report to the CnC.

Lawliet -> ::monitoring the cloud from Science Lab One::

Dacia Sandero -> It's not so dark here, but it was on the way over.

Tarisa -> ::Double checks that hazard lab is secure.::

Dacia Sandero -> That's good, at least.

Chirakis -> ::standing midship:: Commander Kital, get an update on the cloud.

Alexis McFarland -> I guess not here, it's not so bad.

Jylliene -> Yes ma'am.

Jylliene -> ::checking readings and such::

Dacia Sandero -> ::checking a patients vitals and give him a hypo to maintain his core temperature::

Chirakis -> I believe that Commander Lawliet is in the science lab.

Chirakis -> Good evening, SubCommander.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Making preparations ::

Tarisa -> Miana> I also have no trouble seeing in the dark. ::smiles.::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Chirakis+ On my way

Alexis McFarland -> You're lucky. I stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::steps out of the lift, only allowed because he is a line officer, and steps into sick bay::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: nods then goes to the CnC ::

Jylliene -> Ma'am - the cloud is no longer approaching Aegis.

Jylliene -> ::confirming::

Tarisa -> Miana> Aw. Did it hurt?

Chirakis -> ::turns, listening:::

mimipavilion -> ::finishes up with her current patient, then steps out into the waiting area of medical::

Jylliene -> It seems to be moving off and thinning.

Chirakis -> Thinning?

Alexis McFarland -> Yes ::Looks at her toe:: At least it's not bruised. Still sore though.

Lawliet -> ::checking the limited simulations for the clouds progress and interaction with the sun::

Tarisa -> Miana> ::Nods.::

Dacia Sandero -> OK. ::moves onto the next set of patients, checking their bios::

Jylliene -> Thinning. Dissipating?

Chirakis -> Verify with Commander Lawliet.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::spots Dr. Pavilion when she enters the reception area::

Jylliene -> ::nods:: Yes ma'am.

Tarisa -> ::Finishes with the lockdown, and the heads for astrometrics.::

Jylliene -> +Lawliet+ Ops to science.

mimipavilion -> ::jotting down notes as she walks, nearly running into Captain d'Ka::startled:: Oh, sorry sir.

Lawliet -> +Ops+ Lawliet here.

Cptn d'Ka -> You are busy, Doctor. I am not injured, merely curious as to the status of the Shray's crew.

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Enters the CnC ::

Jylliene -> +Lawliet+ My readings up here are showing the cloud no longer on approach, and appearing to be dissipating. Can you confirm?

Chirakis -> ::turns:: Commander Cayne, take the tactical console. Standard code login.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::towering over her in his 7' stature::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Enters the CnC :: Commander Cayne reporting as ordered Captain.

Chirakis -> Commander Cayne, take the tactical console. Standard code login.

mimipavilion -> ::nods:: They are slowly improving. Within the next few days, they will be able to leave. Depending on how they are feeling at the time.

Cptn d'Ka -> (He will reserve the honor to his bondmate.)

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Me? Understood.

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Goes to the console ::

Chirakis -> ::eyes him:: Are you not qualified?

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Logging in...

Tarisa -> ::Enters astrometrics and brings up a large holographic map of the system.::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> It's just been a while Captain.

Chirakis -> ::nods, turns back::

Alexis McFarland -> ::lies down on the floor looking at the ceiling:: I wonder if that cloud thing is going to eat us.

Lawliet -> ::checks his readings:: +Ops+ The cloud has dissipated over 37%, but is still on course for the station. I'd assume our rescue operation would explain the dispersion.

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Waving his hands all over the console ::

Cptn d'Ka -> Any ill effects from the cloud? Any residual effects?

Dacia Sandero -> ::checking her tricorder and making some notes::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Finishes her lunch and is back at the shop ::

Tarisa -> Miana> ::Plops down by Alexis, frowning.:: I hope not...

mimipavilion -> Slim at best, just glad you and your crew were there before it got to bad.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::nod:: May I see them?

mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Yes you may. Some may be resting though.

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Kelsa? :: straightens up a shelf ::

Jylliene -> ::grumbles, rechecks systems::

Chirakis -> ::Jylliene:: Problem, Commander?

Tarisa -> ::Steps out onto the map, she observes the movement of the cloud.::

Jylliene -> Recalibrating.

Lawliet -> ::checks his projections::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila>

Tarisa -> ::Tail waves about as she watches.::

Chirakis -> ::turns:: Is there power on in the station that we have overlooked?

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Oh that's right...

KelsaViegnor -> ::flips through a publication on her PADD. She used to really enjoy this literary one.::

Cptn d'Ka -> I will not disturb them, Doctor. Thank you.

Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ Lawliet to Tarisa.

mimipavilion -> ::nods and resumes her work::

Jylliene -> We've powered down everything but the essentials. The grid?

Chirakis -> According to engineering, the grid should not affect it, however...

Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Tarisa here.

Dacia Sandero -> ::finishes her check of the patients, takes down their vitals and notes them in her PADD for a medical report that she submits::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Eyes wide :: I am a fool.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Logs off :: Take over for me.. :: runs out ::

Chirakis -> We have two ships that work on AQS.

Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ You're aware of the clouds dissipation over the past two days, correct?

Chirakis -> Would that affect the cloud?

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ The :: huff huff :: Nei'rrh... got to :: a tumbling sound :: Oof!

Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Yes, possibly from the rescue efforts I believe.

Alexis McFarland -> Where did your Neemah go Annisha? Did she go back to her quarters?

Annisha -> Yeah, they are hunkering down and wishing for open skies

Jylliene -> Hard to say, but I imagine the dangers of not keeping those ships powered enough to contain their AQS as needed would outweigh their output with just that bare minimum.

Annisha -> No one is allowed to leave now

Cptn d'Ka -> ::he wanders quietly through sick bay, checking the patients, speaking to them if they wish:::

Dacia Sandero -> Hm.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I have to launch the Nei'rrh

Alexis McFarland -> I heard about that. Everybody is stuck here.

Chirakis -> Ask SubCommander Korjata, ...::stops to listen:::

Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ I agree, but I was wondering...how much energy would it take to create the necessary graviton pulse to disperse the cloud around Aegis. Imagine if we were to tunnel our way through it.

Jylliene -> +Nijil+ Why?

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ It has an energy signature that is only masked with the cloak

Chirakis -> ::nods to Jylliene:: He can cloak outside the station.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Makes his way to the launch bay, but its taking a bit of time ::

Jylliene -> ::nods to Chirakis:: Very well. +Nijil+ You have the okay to cloak outside the station. transmitting the approvals to launch bay right now.

Jylliene -> ::transmits::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I can go just outside the station, but further would be better in case it fails.

Tarisa -> ::Thinks for a moment, tail going a mile a minute.:: +Lawliet+ It would take a significant amount of our reserves, but possible.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ Understood... :: enters the bay, covered in sweat of a Romulan that needs an exercise regimen ::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Runs to the Rihan shuttle ::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Enter and logs on ::

Annisha -> Oh, I have something for au...

Lawliet -> ::thinks to himself for a moment:: +Tarisa+ Keep monitoring the cloud, I need to talk with Engineering.

Alexis McFarland -> Ooh. What is it?

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Leaves Aegis on the Nei'rrh ::

Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Understood. ::Continues to watch the large holographic image.::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Cloaks the Nei'rrh ::

Dacia Sandero -> ::relaxes a bit after she finishes checking on everyone::

Jylliene -> ::sees the Nei'rrh blip out on the display as it cloaks::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Transmits through the cloak :: The shuttle was still being rebuilt. :: static ::

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> The shuttle is off our sensors.

Chirakis -> Thank you, Commander.

Lawliet -> Computer: Keep monitoring both cloud vector and sun simulations. Notify me of any significant change.

Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Confirmed cloak. Hang in there, SubCommander.

Lawliet -> ::walks out of the lab and into a turbolift:: Main Engineering.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::sits to talk to the ship's captain and engages in a long, complex conversation about their experience, including all the precluded the event, now they drilled, and other pertinent information::

Annisha -> :: Hands her a jar ::

Annisha -> It's jam from their farm

mimipavilion -> ::files her report as well as Dacia's::

Lawliet -> ::steps off the turbolift and walks into Engineering::

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +Aegis+ There was at least another week, maybe two on this. What is the latest on the cloud?

Chirakis -> ::absently:: Silence can be more deafening than raucous laughter.

Chirakis -> ::nods to Jylliene to respond::

Alexis McFarland -> oooh! What's inside?

Jylliene -> $+Nei'rrh+ No change yet. Give it time. I'll let you know.

Annisha -> Sweets!

Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sits up, now curious too.::

Chirakis -> ::watching the tactical display as the cloud continues to move:: We have a few days yet, but for it to get too close, is.... ::leaves it off:::

Lawliet -> ::looks around for someone to help him::

Annisha -> Some local berry

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> ::steps up to Lawliet:: May I help you, Commander?

Annisha -> :: gets out her own jar and sticks her finger in it, licks...winces :: Ohh...tart

Alexis McFarland -> Looks yummy. Is it jam?

KelsaViegnor -> ::This issue was mythological themed - she lost herself in the stories of fantastical creatures and beings of other worlds' cultures::

Lawliet -> Yes, I need a warp field specialist to look over a thought I had.

Alexis McFarland -> ::sticks a finger as well and licks:: Ooh wow yeah.

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Of course, sir. I'm pretty good with that.

Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Walking around the commerce level, talking to people that still remain ::

Tarisa -> Miana> What does it taste like?

Lawliet -> Excellent. I wanted to know if their was a way to use one of the ship’s warp fields...let's say the Aegean and we used the remainder of our vessels to emit the graviton pulse at the Aegean, could the warp field amplify the effect?

Alexis McFarland -> Try it. It tastes like.. blueberry? Or maybe a cranberry?

mimipavilion -> ::finishes typing up a short status report and sends it to the CnC::

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Amplify the effect of a graviton pulse. ::thinks hard:::

Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sticks her finger in the jar then brings it to her nose. She takes a sniff before finally tasting it.:: Yummy!

Lawliet -> If we could, we might be able to tunnel our way through the cloud instead of redirecting it.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Orbiting the station ::

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> A warp field moves space around an object, so I would say it would be the reverse.

Annisha -> We need bread.

Dacia Sandero -> ::exhales checking over the patients in the ICU which suffered the most extensive complications, checking with the doctors over their statuses there::

Tarisa -> ((Too bad the station doesn't have a huge deflector dish to solve all of it's problems.))

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> If you took the ship out and engaged a graviton pulse inside the warp field, they would probably cancel each other out.

Alexis McFarland -> Or some crackers. Do you have any in your pantry (assuming we're in Annisha's room)

Nijil tr'Korjata -> (( That's the Direct TV dish ))

Lawliet -> Any means of a using a variable?

Annisha -> Crackers? I think I have some chips

Alexis McFarland -> Chips and jam.

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Or at least minimize it. And Aegean is completely powered down, sir.

mimipavilion -> ::gets up and heads to the ICU::

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> A variable for...?

Chirakis -> ACTION> Nei'rrh's cloak fails.

mimipavilion -> ::Dacia:: How they doing?

Lawliet -> A variable that would allow us to amplify the pulse while still using the warp field.

Jylliene -> Um.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Looks around :: +CnC+ Cloak failure.. not fully aligned.

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> No, sir. It doesn't work that way. The warp field would contain the pulse.

Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ I noticed. Either get that cloak back up or power down, fast.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ Powering down... but the AQS could be an attractant

Lawliet -> ::grunts:: Is there anything we have at our disposal that could amplify the pulse?

Jylliene -> ::glances at Chirakis::

Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> No, sir.

Dacia Sandero -> ::nods to Mimi:: The ICU patients we're out of air the longest, as they were in the most affected areas of the ship. Most of them are in serious but stable condition, but there are a few in critical. We're not sure if these patients will make it. ::looks at two or three patients with the worst bio readings::

Chirakis -> ::concerned:: He's the expert, Commander. Have him do his best.

mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Understood

Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Do your best.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::hearing the exchange between doctors regarding the ICU, he excuses himself:::

Alexis McFarland -> ::dips a chip in the jam and takes a bite:: Mm... that's much better.

Jylliene -> ::realizes she can't transport him off the Nei'rrh with the station powered down::

mimipavilion -> ::thinks:: Is there a way we can help them get oxygen back into their systems without taking on more power?

Chirakis -> ACTION> The previously dissipated cloud coalesces and moves toward the station.

Lawliet -> ::turns around and looks at the various engineering displays:: Gravitons are based on natural vibrations. What we need is something more powerful than our deflectors and capable of spreading over a larger area.

Tarisa -> ::Frowns as she watches the projection.::

Chirakis -> (note: Nijil system crash)

Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Sir, you are needed in the lab. The cloud is moving once more.

Jylliene -> Could he transport himself off and send the Nei'rrh away?

Jylliene -> ::to Chirakis::

Dacia Sandero -> We could try supplementing their oxygen with the oxygen canisters. The O2 would also be purer as well.

Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ Understood. On my way. ::to engineer:: Thank you for your help.

Lawliet -> ::heads over to the turbolift:: Science Lab One.

Chirakis -> +Nijil+ Correct the problem, Commander. The fate of the station is in your hands.

mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Let's get started with that.

Alexis McFarland -> ::dips another chip in the jam and eats it:: Very nice balance of sweet, salty and tart. ::opens up a can of Jumja Dew::

Lawliet -> ::steps off the turbolift and walks back into the lab:: Computer status.

Chirakis -> ::Jyl:: The cloud would still be on its way here.

Dacia Sandero -> Yes, let's get right to it. ::nods to the other nurses and med techs to get the canisters::

Cptn d'Ka -> ::moves with Mimi toward the ICU and stands there, watching the patients::

Lawliet -> Computer> Irregularities have been detected in both cloud composition and solar output.

Jylliene -> The Nei'rrh could be set to warp away. Get it directed away faster.

mimipavilion -> ::goes into the ICU::

Lawliet -> On screen. ::checks the readings::

Jylliene -> But ideally, he gets the cloak up and we don't have to worry about it.

Jylliene -> ::pleasepleasepleasegetthecloakup::

Chirakis -> ::absently:: How could one AQS attract the essence of a massive cloud?

Lawliet -> ::his terminal begins to beep:: What the...? +Ops+ Science to Ops.

Chirakis -> It makes no sense.

Jylliene -> I have no idea, but he's the one who said to take it -

Jylliene -> +sci+ Ops here.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I can't get the cloak to reinitialize...

Dacia Sandero -> Med techs> ::gets the oxygen tanks out of storage and connect them to the bio beds and the patients::

Cptn d'Ka -> ::quietly, to Mimi:: Doctor, they need more nitrogen with the oxygen.

Lawliet -> +Ops+ Looks like we have a larger problem to deal with. The cloud has coalesced and I'm picking up major solar activity. Massive solar flares.

Dacia Sandero -> ::Nods::

Chirakis -> It has... ::looks at the tactical screen:::

Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ can you power down?

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ All except the power source

Jylliene -> +sci+ And how is the cloud reacting?

Lawliet -> +OPS+ ::rechecks his scans:: It's heading directly for the sun.

Tarisa -> ::Moves the image she is standing on closer to the sun. She then brings up a couple holographic consoles.::

Chirakis -> For the sun?

mimipavilion -> ::Looks at d'Ka:: Thank you for the information... doctor. ::smiles:: Adjust the nitrogen concentration for a higher dose than the oxygen

Chirakis -> +Lawliet+ Are you certain, Commander?

Jylliene -> +Sci+ Confirm that, science. The cloud is heading for the sun?

Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ I may have any number of other issues

Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Looks like you may be safe. Standby.

Cptn d'Ka -> Not higher than the oxygen, Doctor. Just a bit more than you have been giving them.

Lawliet -> ::checks again:: +Ops+ Confirmed. I'd wager the increased solar activity is attracting the cloud.

mimipavilion -> ::nods:: thanks

Chirakis -> Bring the Nie'rrh home.

Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis -> 3/17/17

mimipavilion -> ::increases the amount given::

Chirakis -> Thank you.

Chirakis -> Well, then...

Chirakis -> It seems that we have been saved.

Dacia Sandero -> Yay

Tarisa -> woo!

Chirakis -> And with valor, SubCommander.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> Nice

Chirakis -> I am checking about the TBS

Chirakis -> Well.... it seems that we are to jump one month ahead.

Chirakis -> We will be into March Madness then, definitely.

Chirakis -> Even in the year 2388.

Dacia Sandero -> Oooh!

Chirakis -> Questions or comments?

Chirakis -> I have a comment.

Chirakis -> That is, great work from a few of our crew who followed PMs excellently.

Chirakis -> Coordination is paramount in these things.

Chirakis -> Nijil took a stab at actually believing me when I said that he would not die.

Chirakis -> Lawliet and Tarisa followed the script, even though they had none to follow.

Chirakis -> So, see you a month from now - not literally, of course.

Lawliet -> Nothing like a little IMPROV

Chirakis -> Definitely.

Chirakis -> By then we should be settled down, moving easily along through space.

Nijil tr'Korjata -> Next sim: Nijil in cryostasis

Chirakis -> If nothing else, thank you all and crew *dismiss*

Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: bonding? ::

Chirakis -> Hm... up to you.

Lawliet -> night Aegis

Chirakis -> Although, I am bonded.

Tarisa -> night night

mimipavilion -> another march bonding

Dacia Sandero -> Goodnight!

Jylliene -> ...

Chirakis -> Oh. you meant your bonding.

Cptn d'Ka -> ::eyebrow:::

mimipavilion -> ::cough::Bonded as well::cough::

Chirakis -> Indeed.

mimipavilion -> night all see ya next week.

Dacia Sandero -> ::still a swinging bachelorette::

Chirakis -> Good night to all who are leaving.

Alexis McFarland -> ::same!::

Jylliene -> When you invited Chirakis to dinner all those months ago, I hadn't anticipated...

Jylliene -> Well, anyhow.

Chirakis -> ::slight grin::

Cptn d'Ka -> Good night.

Alexis McFarland -> Goodnight

Chirakis -> Be well. Be safe. Don't forget your towel.

Jylliene -> d'Ka runs before it gets even weirder.

Chirakis -> Indeed.

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