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Cptn Swain

Philippe Augustin

Name: Philippe Augustin


Age: 38 (Born 2350)

Sex: Male

POB: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, Earth

Ht: 6'1"

Wt: 215 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Race: Human


Rank: Lt. Commander

Assignment Chief of Security, USS Excalibur-C


Call Sign:


Father: Jean Augustin (65), retired, Starfleet

Mother: Julia Martell-Augustin (64), active duty, Starfleet Science

Siblings: Henri Augustin (35)


Background: The son of career Starfleet officers, Phillippe grew up on Earth in the south of France, before attending Starfleet Academy, graduating with honors just at the outbreak of the Dominion War.


Service Record:

-Graduated Starfleet Academy rank of Ensign (2372)

-Assigned to USS Idrisi, Assistant Security Officer (2372)

-Assigned to 49thStarfleet Ground Force, Charlie Company XO (2372)

-Assigned to 49thStarfleet Ground Force, Charlie Company CO (2372)

-Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (2373)

-Assigned to 49thStarfleet Ground Force, Battalion HQ (2373)

-Promoted to Lieutenant (2376)

-Assigned to Starbase 105, Chief of Diplomatic Security (2376)

-Assigned to USS Calais, Chief of Security (2379)

-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (2383)

-Assigned to USS Excalibur-C, Chief of Security (2388)



Service Medals:, Distinguished Service Cluster( w/2 flourishes), Silver Palm, Crimson Shield. Bronze Star, Purple heart, Starfleet Infantry Medal, Cardassia Prime Campaign Medal, Dominion Campaign Medal

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