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Cptn Swain

Excalibur, Season 7: The Proud Tower

Excalibur, Season 7

The Proud Tower


After nearly a decade, our mission to the Gamma Quadrant has come to a close. The dream of the Camelot Project -- to be a shining beacon of freedom and hope and ultimately a guiding light has ended. Ongoing tensions in the quadrant have left the Federation with little choice but to withdrawal. Perhaps, one day, Camelot may once more shine brightly in the long, dark night. For Excalibur, this means a new mission -- a new adventure. As always, we will continue to explore similar themes of light and dark, and the grey twilight between them, but now we will do so in the more familiar territory of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


At the dawn of a new year -- 2388 -- twelve years have come and gone since the end of the Dominion War. Those twelve years have seen unprecedented levels of cooperation between once bitter rivals in their joint efforts in the Gamma Quadrant and in their efforts to help a still struggling Cardassia to rebuild from the devastation of a war that brought tectonic changes to all of the powers but a fragility permeates the peace.

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