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Beran Faldek Bio

Born in 2346 to Calyx and Astraea Faldek. Calyx was an instructor at the Bemarren Acamedy for state security, Astraea was a homemaker. Beran Faldek attended the Bemarren Institute and evantually graduated as one of it's most promising students. He was immediately recruited by the Obsidian Order and became a probationary operative. Under the guidance of Elim Garak and Enabren Tain, Faldek soon became one of the most decorated operatives in the history of the Obsidian Order.


Faldek's parents were executed by the Obsidian Order. The reasoning behind their deaths was never disclosed to Faldek and given the closeness Cardassians feel to their families, even though the state should always come first, Beran decided to defect to the Federation.


After giving up all the information he knew concerning the Obsidian Orders tactics and operations he pladged loyalty and allegiance to the Federation. After an exhaustive debriefing session lasting months, he was sent accepted and sent through Starfleet Academy and graduated as an engineer. Throughout his time on Manticore he transferred into Security, and back to Engineering, once holding the Chief Engineer, and the Operations officer positions.


He also has spent extensive amounts of time at the Utopia Planitia shipyards. He designed the Chimera landing assault craft that calls it's home Manticore. He has returned from another assignment lasting longer than he anticipated. He missed Manticore and is glad to once again call it his home.

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