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Erich Jaenke

Close to Sadness


Close to Sadness


Chief Engineer's Personal Log

Stardate 51502.07




After four days of non-stop contact with Commander Mizu I found place to be alone, sickbay. Upon seeing my dead form over subspace she has kept a close vigil over me. I ran into the table in my quarters and she came running as if I had be stabbed. Her eyes were upon me unceasingly, never more than a few meters away. Her mind lassoed me tightly, even in her dreams. I care for her deeply, but contact has it’s limits.



There is an old Betazoid saying: "I'd rather suffer the torrent of an auditorium full of fellow Betazoids for hour than with one emotional person for days." I think I see the truth in it. Seeing my death on screen has haunted us both. She, as caring as she is, only wants to protect me. To that I have no words. She figures by staying with me through this crisis that it can be averted. Maybe, just maybe. I just hope all of this close contact in such short a time does fray our loose ends.

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