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Jas M. Arten

Accessing Starfleet Database…

Processing…. Processing…

File Located… Cadet Jas Michael Arten...


Name: Jas Michael Arten

Race: Human

POB: Spacedock (Earth)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Build: Average

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown


Marital Status: Single

Mother: Joan Senior

Father: Allen Arten


Department: Medical

Rank: Cadet

Current Assignment: Assisting with colony terraforming - Status: UNKNOWN



Jas Michael Arten was born to two civilian contractors on the Federation Spacedock, where he grew up and would spend most of his youth. As a young lad Jas spent much of his time getting to know the various persons that staffed the Spacedock as well as the various workings of the technological marvel. Unfortunately for him this hobby of trying to understand the complexities of Federation engineering often ended with him receiving an injury in some form or another. While this dissuaded him from exploring the depths of the station Arten’s time being fixed up in the medical bay proved to be somewhat of an irony.


In his teens Jas was tasked with assisting around the Spacedock and giving back to his home. Eventually he would choose to help within the medical bay, this time standing beside the beds rather than laying on them. A few years later Arten was recommended for and presented the opportunity to take his limited experience and expand upon it in Starfleet Academy down on the planet - he took it without hesitation.


A few years into his Academy training Jas was posited the unique opportunity to join a team of scientists on an expedition to a colony planet to terraform the planet’s surface, taking note of the process and studying the colony’s fauna during the duration. A seemingly routine and normal field experience would prove to be the turning point in both his Starfleet career and his life.


Psychological Evaluation:

Despite being somewhat literally born out in space and among the stars, Cadet Arten has little experience with many of the various alien species, planets, and civilizations that have been, and have yet to be, discovered out in the universe. This lack of knowledge and inexperience has landed him in many a predicament in the past when dealing with foreign cultures and technologies.


Curious by nature, Arten has exhibited a tendency to ask a good deal of questions when it comes to the unknown. Although this lack of knowledge and sometimes incredible amount of questions has proved to be irritating to some, he is slowly expanding his knowledge and becoming ever more knowledgeable of the ‘final frontier.’


Cadet Arten has been noted to, on occasion, display a lack of self-preservation, often opting to preserve the life of a comrade in training exercises as opposed to his own. While admirable and in accordance with the Prime Directive, it has been brought into question as to how such a trait may impact his service on a Federation vessel.


Psychological Eval - PASS

Edited by Jas
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