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Sky Harbor Aegis | Coming of Age

On the 18th of August, 1995, a group of dedicated players and game masters began the online role playing game that is now called Sky Harbor Aegis. The year 2013 marks the 18th anniversary of our inception and begins the 19th season of one of the longest-running games in the Star Trek Simulation Forum.™


Our in-game history begins in the year 2070 when the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union signed an historic treaty establishing a Demilitarized Zone along their shared border. Colonies and territory within the zone had been the source of disputes for decades. Reaction to this treaty proved unfavorable and led to the rise of the Maquis, which threatened renewed conflict across the region that ranged over 50 light years, from the Hugora Nebula to the Argolis Cluster. To ease tensions, Starfleet chose the Canar System in which to establish a base that would defend the neutrality of the DMZ. Thus, Starbase Aegis was established in geosynchronous orbit of Canar II with HoD tSara zantai T'Zay in command and First Officer Commander Jennan Ayer.


Over the years the station underwent modifications to keep pace with Trek history that rapidly developed during the airing of Deep Space 9. The end of the Dominion War brought The 2376 Treaty of Aegis and a milti-national alliance of the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets. In its regeneration, the station took the name Deep Space Aegis, and then Sky Harbor Aegis, which it remains to this day.


Our in-game date for this evening is the 10th of July, 2387. On Sunday we will mark the 18th Anniversary of our inception.


Mr. Wesley Roberts and Captain Chirakis Kirel, the present Game Masters of Sky Harbor Aegis, extend their gratitude to those who came before, Game Masters and players alike.

We extend our gratitude to the players, without whom there would be no game.

We especially extend our gratitude to the game masters and players whose vision and dedication began this game 18 years ago.

And our thanks to Admiral Atragon and those dedicated few who stepped out to continue the games beyond their previous venue and create the Star Trek Simulation Forum.™


Thank you all,


Chirakis Kirel

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