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Tuesday 07.16.2013

=/\=Starfleet Academy Roster =/\=

=/\=7/16/2013 =/\=


Game Master (GM) - TMir

Game Master (GM) - STSF Jami


Mission Commanding Officer (MCO) - TMir

Helm/ Operations Officer (XO/HOPS) - STSF Jami


Chief Science Officer (CSCI) - Kaspian

Assistant Science Officer (ASCI) - Fletcher Jackson


Chief of Engineering (CENG) - Nijil tr'Korjata

Assistant Engineer (AENG) - Annisha


Chief Security Officer/Tactical Officer (CSEC) - Chirakis


Mission Brief:

The USS Avenger (post-Voy Miranda-class frigate) is currently cruising through deep space when it comes across a very large ship minus lifesigns and power. The lettering on the ship is Tauron BSG 149.


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