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Saturday/Sunday AM 06.23.13

STSF_KBear -> .Wow a new person Welcome to the academy

Ensign_Mo -> .Thank you KBear

Byblos -> .my alter ego has been deleted from the host list. I should of expected that.

rosetto -> .we all have our crosses...

STSF_KBear -> .Well looks like we have 2 wanting to play Byblos?? sticking around??

Byblos -> .I can...I still have my beverage.

rosetto -> .(Don't Slurp it!) LOL

STSF_KBear -> .OK wow Long time since Ive had to do a roster

STSF_KBear -> .LOL

rosetto -> .brb.. gotta jot down some notes...

STSF_KBear -> .CO > STSF_KBear

STSF_KBear -> .CSEC> Byblos

STSF_KBear -> .CENG > Ensign Mo

STSF_KBear -> .CMO > Rosetto

rosetto -> .(back)

STSF_KBear -> . Stand by for mission briefing

Ensign_Mo -> .Oh fun. I get to play with the tools ; )

Byblos -> .weapons..hmm tools of the trade. I like..hah!

rosetto -> .::sharpens his scalpels::

STSF_KBear -> .<< Mission Brief The USS Tango Department heads have been told they are to take a survival training coarse. We all have a survival pack with us consisting of a Phaser, and a single day of rations. Then its up to us to find shelter... We have been transported to a planet were the temp is 90* and climbing. >>

STSF_KBear -> .Any questions?

Ensign_Mo -> .What kind of climate?

STSF_KBear -> .Dessert

STSF_KBear -> .*Desert

rosetto -> .lol

STSF_KBear -> .whichever LOL

STSF_KBear -> .HOT!!

STSF_KBear -> .DRY

STSF_KBear -> .ready??

STSF_KBear -> .What the heck happened

Byblos -> .That was plain evil.

STSF_KBear -> .Welcome back folks

TKAR -> .hi

STSF_KBear -> .Looks like we have one more Welcome Tkar

Ensign_Mo -> .Thanks : )

rosetto -> .thanks... that was a FUN planet!

STSF_KBear -> .OK what was the last thing you all saw??

Ensign_Mo -> .You asking if we were ready

rosetto -> .DESSERT! What's for Dessert? :)

Byblos -> .your plot..followed by ready..and then a gremlin struck.

STSF_KBear -> .OK cool

STSF_KBear -> .OK TRY again

STSF_KBear -> .just sent a note to A9

Ensign_Mo -> .Ready

rosetto -> .Ready when you are sir... ::standing on transporter pad::




STSF_KBear -> .( Action the team is on the surface looking around))

Byblos -> .::on the sufrace a baking desert enviornment.....hot...hot....hot::

rosetto -> .Wow! Talk about your wide open spaces...

STSF_KBear -> .WOW Its hot....

STSF_KBear -> .(( Action there are a few boulders seen in the distance::

rosetto -> .I don't see a tree in sight...::sigh::

Byblos -> .I fear no heat...I shall not die of heat..but...we do need shelter. The temperature I could swear is rising.

STSF_KBear -> .nope but there are a few boulders Any ideas for those?

Ensign_Mo -> .I think I see some rocks in the distance, about 500 meters that way

Ensign_Mo -> .There might be a natural cave in the rocks

rosetto -> .::taps on shoulder::Those to your left... They might be closer.... or just bigger... It's hard to tell...

Byblos -> .Shade...::holsters phaser and retrieves tricorder:: And maybe more. Captain...let's get moving...we cannot stay out here much longer.

Ensign_Mo -> .It's hard to see after looking towards the sun

STSF_KBear -> .I agree

rosetto -> .We should stick together, which ever direction we go...

STSF_KBear -> . :: starts moving towards the boulders, finding walking in the sand is NOT an easy task::

rosetto -> .(Hi TK!)

Ensign_Mo -> .Do we have tricorders?

TKAR -> .Sorry my server went down

Byblos -> .Follow the Captain everyone..I shall take rear of our collumn. In case of ...any hostilities.

STSF_KBear -> .((Tkar we are on a planet on a survival mission You can play CSCI ))

TKAR -> .(OK)

Ensign_Mo -> .:: falls in behind KBear ::

STSF_KBear -> .Look in your survival bag see if theres one there

rosetto -> .::tooth brush... towel... ah, tricorder!::

Byblos -> .::Scans:: I will scan our ....backs....Captain best concentrate perhaps our eyes ..I mean tricorders to the rocks ahead.

Byblos -> .(Whoops I have not been at an academy for a while)

TKAR -> .::grabs a survival bag in one had using tricorder in the other::

STSF_KBear -> .:: heading towards the boulder and trips falling face first into the sand::

Ensign_Mo -> .Let's see ... phaser ... canteen ... field rations - ugh ...

Byblos -> .CSEC>::follows along rear...fealing sweat drop of his temple::

rosetto -> .Careful, Captain::helps her up::

STSF_KBear -> .((LOL use tags folks please... Thanks Byblos I almost forgot also))

Byblos -> .(nP CO)

TKAR -> .(CSCI)::runs to help kbear and CO::

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) Thanks Rosetto :: goes to stand and goes right back down with a snap being hear by those around her:: OUCH!!!! DANG!!

rosetto -> .(CMO)::looks ahead and sighs:

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Captain, are you all right?

rosetto -> .(CMO) You okay, captain?

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) Get them to those boulders

rosetto -> .(CMO)What about you, sir?

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) No I think I have borken something I cant stand.

Byblos -> .CSEC><CO>Captain we cannot leave you. Surely a I could carry you over my shoulder.

Byblos -> .CSEC><CO>I am a big...man.

rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his med tric and starts scanning::

rosetto -> .(CMO)hmmm... uh,huh...

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)(CMO)imobilize the captain's leg...fireman carry I shall the CO.

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(::action her ankle is broken in 3 places:: nothing but basic medical supplies in med bag... Bandages tape sling...))

rosetto -> .(CMO) looks like a twisted ankle, sir..

rosetto -> .((or maybe broken... dang tricorder))

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CMO)Doctor do you have a hypo for the captain's pain?

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSEC) Okay, that sounds like a plan...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) have the rest go figure out how we can make shelter out of those boulders

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> (CMO) My pack has a wire frame. I can rip it out and bend the metal if you think the Captain needs a brace

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::gritting her teeth but winging it::

rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out some bandages and then braks off a support arm from his pack for a make-shift splint::

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG)Good idea Mo

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)By your command. ::begins walking towards the rocks without noticing the group fixing the CO::

rosetto -> .(CMO)This will take me a little while... You guys should go find shelter...

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Looks like Rosetto found something that would work as well

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Ok, I'll start heading towards the rocks

rosetto -> .(CMO)::begins to carefully wrap her ankle trying not to twist it further::

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> :: walks briskly to catch up with Byblos ::

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG,CSCI)Guy all goo see what kind of shelter can be made of those boulders.

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) Here...are some rocks....and here is saftey...I shall scan with my tricorder now. ::said as if talking to himself::

rosetto -> .(CMO)::wipes sweat off his brow:: Gosh, this is crazy...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::cringes and bites on her lip:

Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> (CSEC) Slow down, chief. My legs aren't as long as yours

rosetto -> .(CMO)::inserts splint and continues wrapping::

STSF_KBear -> .(( Action the boulders are about 2 stories tall and form a large suare area))

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) OUCH!!!!!

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Scans Rocks for life forms....and Water::

STSF_KBear -> .(( Scan shows water but it is not visible)))

rosetto -> .(CMO) Now you won't be able to run the 100 meter dash, but with help you should be able to walk... I'm gonna give you a hypo for pain as well, okay?

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CSEC) Anything?

TKAR -> .(CSCI)(ALL)i just scaned the area ahead there is a cave we can stay in untill you heal capt.

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CMO) Ill need some help walkin also but the pain killers would be nice.

STSF_KBear -> .(( No Cave in the area Just these 4 boulders)))\

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) My scans detect water! I shall save the day and find the water...::hastily crawls into rocky area::

rosetto -> .(CMO)::presses hyp to Captain's neck:: There... how's that?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Climbs Rocks::

TKAR -> .(((opps delete LAST remark out of practice)

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG) Odd there is water here...but where?

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO)::finishes wrap and begins to her captain to her feet:: Okay, you ready?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::amazed he climbed to the top::

STSF_KBear -> .(( Byblos can see a small puddle of water on the back side of one of the boulders. the size of a cereral Bowl ())

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Here, Lean on me... Don't put any weight on your right foot...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::sighs:: (CMO) As I ever will be

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) We've been in tougher situation, aye?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) Hey team I see a small...bowl like depression on one of the boulders..towards the West..

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) :: leans onto Rosetto and hops not setting her foot on the ground::

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) That's it... Don't hurry...

STSF_KBear -> .CO)(CMO) Great way to start huh.

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Scans area where small amount of water is present...but his skills with a tricorder are not good as an engineer in this matter::

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: goes to the water bowl ::

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)Got a better look chief?

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Well, it looks like the team has got us taken care of...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) I hope so. Its really hot out here, We are going to have to watch for dehydration

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) They know their job... You just take your time... Don't make this worse...

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) It's not condensation, and it's not coming from above. And it's above the water line.

STSF_KBear -> .(( Action temp is rising now its up to 98*))

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) If I didn't know better, I'd say it was being pumped from underground.

rosetto -> .((heck, that's a nice summer day in AZ LOL))

TKAR -> .(CSCI)::Checks out some catus plants::(CO)capt we are lucky some of these catus plants have water i can get some from them.

STSF_KBear -> .(( As the water is taken from the bowl more seaps up into it ))

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) Here, let me have that tricorder. :: starts to scan the ground around the rock ::

rosetto -> .(CMO)::slips on a rock and almost drops the captain:: oops... you okay?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)I believe the Doctor will have to evaluate it is not...well poisonous. My tricorder is not a medical one.

STSF_KBear -> .(( Scan shows an underground pool unable to tell how much but water is clear to drink))

TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CMO) Doctor,do you need help

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSCI) TKar, please come get this tricorder and check out that water source, okay?

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CMO) ::cringes:: Ya I think so

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) I'm showing a concentration of water down underground.

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::clearly realizes he needs to study tricorder operations better::

STSF_KBear -> . (( ACTION A creature goes running out from behind one of the other boulders and heads off towards a few tumbleweeds))

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) What if these rocks aren't natural? If this arrangement is man-made, there might be some kind of emergency shelter underneath

TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CMO)your welcome,doctor,do you need more help with the capt?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)Okoay I am on my way down......Wait...what was that!....::attempts to replace his tricorder with his phaser quickly and drops his tricorder....down ...down...down::

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSCI) Nah, I got her...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::slowing making her way with the CMO towards th boulders::

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Did you see that?

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) EEk! :: is startled by the sudden appearance of the creature ::

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::looks up:: no what??

TKAR -> .(csci)(cmo)ok,::Using tricorder scanning::

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::notes creature and his disappearance:: +CO+ Captain...I have seen a life form..small...in the tumbleweeds NW of the Rock Formation...I also lost my Tricorder. Hmmm...sorry.

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Something scurried off to those weeds on the left...

STSF_KBear -> .(( Rabbit type creature but the size of a 20 pound dog))

rosetto -> .((King Authur was defeated by a Rabbit Monte Python))

STSF_KBear -> .(CO):: gets to the boulders finally:: (CSEC) report.. do we have shelter?

rosetto -> .(CMO)::slowly sets down the captain on the rocks::

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) That thing was huge. Where did it come from? :: looks around to see where the bunny came from ::

Byblos -> .(CSEC)+(CO)+ The shelter is not ideal but will provide shade from the heat and water...the creature..I don not have a scan on ...I lost my tricorder sir. But it was small.

STSF_KBear -> .(( rabbit came from a hole behind the third boulder )))

rosetto -> .(CMO)::checks his bag of tricks... no extra tricorder::

rosetto -> .(CMO) Just look around... It had to come from somewhere...

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) There's a hole over here. It's pretty large

Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Climbs down:: (CO) Captain shall I investigate the life form?

rosetto -> .(CMO) Well, let's just hope that THAT was the momma and not the baby!

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)Surely My Phaser will eliminate any threat.

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: gets on the ground and peers into the hole ::

STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CSEC) how much shelter do we have. :: sweating pretty bad and is red as a beet from the extended period on the sun getting to the boulders::

TKAR -> .(csci)(cmo)Doctor,here is the scan that you wanted::Hands tricorder back to the doctor::

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO) Only directional shade from the sun Captain however it will cut some of the heat down....plus...water...::sips some but wants to get the bunny::

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: holds her tricorder into the hole ::

STSF_KBear -> .( ACTION Mo can hear tiny squeaks in the hole))

rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his 'towel' and hands it to captain:: Here... I knew they put this in here for some reason...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) How much water is there? Endles supply??

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: comes back to the Captain :: It looks like we found a nest

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG) A nest?

Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)There aer some tumbleweeds ahead...but those will not help us construct a shelter. I think these rocks and this water are a defenseable position against the Creature threat. One moment on endless supply quesiton.

rosetto -> .(CMO) What kind of nest?

Byblos -> .(Csec)(Ceng)How much water aside from the critters?

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) faint lifesigns, and a squeeking sound. But the cavern behind the hole is much bigger than the hole itself.

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSCI) TKar did you see where it went?

Byblos -> .(CSEC) (CO)I can blast a hole into the rock with my phaser captain..perhaps flushing the creatures out...and creating more shelter.

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) If we could widen the hole, we could all slide inside. Provided that the creatures are herbivores

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG) keep a watch and see how big they are

TKAR -> .(csci)(co)yes ,up the ridge to the left.

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Will you be alright? I'm gonna go check out this 'nest'

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) Ill live.

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CMO) Come on, I'll show you the way.

rosetto -> .(CMO)::follows CENG::

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) It's over here. And these are the readings I took :: hands rosetto her tricorder ::

Byblos -> .(CO)(CSEC)Let them come...I shall kill them all ! But this heat...is atrocious..the creatures must exist on the water. In a way we have their most valuable asset!'

rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his tricorder (the one that TKar gave back to him::

Byblos -> .(reverse my tags sorry)

rosetto -> .(CMO) :: pores over the readings::: hmmm...

STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) Maybe they have the right idea, What about diggin under the boulders?

Byblos -> .(CO)(CSEC) Might I suggest blasting with phasers. The job will be done quicker!

Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CMO) What do you think? I know that we could all fit inside and take over the nest. But would the mother animal treat us as a threat?

rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Sir, these are definitely the infants here... They cannot be over 20 centimeters...

TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CO)captain,i have some extra food supplies do you want some?

STSF_KBear -> .CO)(CSEC) As long as it wont cause them to roll back on us


rosetto -> .(CMO)(Ceng) Nah, I think that would not be wise...





rosetto -> .::paws::

Byblos -> .(paused)

STSF_KBear -> .nicely done folks Im shocked no one killed the creature...


STSF_KBear -> .Great job

STSF_KBear -> .Mo have you simmed before??

Byblos -> .I was so tempted...hehe

TKAR -> .sorry i made mistakes out of practice

STSF_KBear -> .Rosetto I know this is number 2 for you at least with me

Byblos -> .I must depart...goodnight all glad you came for Kbear's show.

Ensign_Mo -> .I did a long time ago. It's been a while

Byblos -> .goodnight

rosetto -> .night bb

STSF_KBear -> .Night Byblos thanks for sticking around

STSF_KBear -> .When was it Mo? here is STSF?? Or someplace else?

rosetto -> .and yeah, number 2... still weigh my options...

Ensign_Mo -> .I was about ten years ago in an AOL chatroom

rosetto -> .gotta go myself... thanks KBear! Nice working with you, Mo... Night TKar!

STSF_KBear -> .Were you a part od SFOL??

Ensign_Mo -> .Nice working with your too rosetto.

STSF_KBear -> .Night Rosetto hope to see you next week

TKAR -> .goodnight all

STSF_KBear -> .night Tkar

Ensign_Mo -> .I don't think so. It was a small game. I don't remember it being part of a bigger club

STSF_KBear -> .ok well nicely done I would love to see you back next week. same time>??

Ensign_Mo -> .Thanks. : ) I'll try to be here next Saturday. It was fun

STSF_KBear -> .COOL Ill see you then. Unforunately I need to run I have to be up in 5 hours

Ensign_Mo -> .Goodnight. Thanks for letting me play : )

STSF_KBear -> .There is another acad Tuesday night if your interested in playing there also

STSF_KBear -> .::waves:: sorry I need to run Id love to sit and chat. Night folks

Ensign_Mo -> .night

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