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Thursday 23 August 2012

=/\= STSF Academy Roster =/\=

Game Master - STSF Serenity

Game Master - STSF Nova

Game Master - Chirakis


Commanding Officer (CO) - STSF Serenity

Executive Officer (XO) - STSF Nova


Chief of Security/Tactical Officer (CSEC) - Cecil MK

Assistant Security Officer (ASEC) - Lerak tr'Pexil


Chief Science Officer (CSCI) - Chirakis


Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - TKAR



The USS Austen (Late-TNG Era) an Intrepid class, deep space exploration vessel is enroute to the beta quadrant, on an survey mission for Starfleet.


In the course of their explorations they have discovered an M-class planet with a post-industrial (think Earth, circa 2012) society. Subspace communications with Starfleet indicate they should investigate, but use extreme caution.


The planetary inhabitants are humanoid, with Trill like spots and a nose similar to Bajorians.


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