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STSF Phoenix

Monday 07.30.12

*** ROSTER - 07/30/12 ***


Commanding Officer (CO) ---- STSF BluRox

Executive Officer (XO) ---- STSF Phoenix


Chief Security Officer (CSEC) ---- Arizhel

Asst Security Officer (ASEC1) ---- Ehecatl1906

Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) ---- Heather Jamieson

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) ---- Kbear

Asst Medical Officer (AMO1) ---- TKAR




Monday, July 30, 2012

After the shuttle taking the small group to Verandis 3 was clipped and damaged by a subspace anomaly, they found that they had to abort the route back to the rendevous point, and land on the nearest rock that they could breath on. Finding planet designation Neru 344, they put the ship down.

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