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William Chocox

Shopping with a Nausicaan (William & Byblos)

William walked into the machine shop on the Andus station. Walking up to the shopkeeper he handed over a list, “I’m going to have a big order to fill. I’m need some parts for a Bird-of-Prey warp drive, some refills for plasma coolant, some tools for fixing EPS, machine lubricant, and duct tape. Also whatever my big ugly friend here needs.”

"I allow him to say that," Byblos looked at the Andorian Shopkeeper with a menacing face. "You say nothing of the like."

The shopkeeper looked over the list. “Is this the same Bird-of-Prey that is getting the Targeting comp?”

William replied, “Yep, that’s the same one.”

"Excuse me," Byblos growled at the Andorian. " I just need to clarify my requirements with my friend here. I want to make sure we are on the," Byblos paused staring at the Andorian "same page. And if I can afford my part of the order.”

Byblos didn't like the idea of anyone knowing about their presence. Perhaps the Andorians exchanged information like Bynars. But he did know they were not a species to toy around with. So he politely gestured William to a position a meter or so outside the shop.

"Uh William," Byblos scratched the top of his head briefly while proceeding with the question. "This shopkeeper has a pretty good selection here. But, this guy knows about our ship? Is Andus like a human spaceport?" Byblos then changed his tone of voice to a robotic 'mimic.' "Your attention please... now arriving in dock 12 is the Bird of Prey named Qob...all shopkeepers to your stores Yes that is right folks a Klingon Bird of Prey! These guys have some fixin' to do make a note of what they purchase."

"So you do not find anything in your Guardian mind that might find it a bit odd he knows about our ship, or was my joke really what they do here?" Byblos asked politely.

“Actually Byblos, Shane already made the order for the computer at this shop. Also if the shopkeeper likes to keep tabs on any ships might be around that will need repairs or supplies he would know about the ship. I mean how many Birds-of-Prey are here in the station? Also it’s not like an order for a targeting computer can go unnoticed. I think we’re fine and there is nothing to worry about. Of course those could be famous last words knowing what shenanigans this crew gets involved in.”

Byblos paused briefly for a thought. "HAH! Shane is on top of things already! Should of known. And good point about last words. We still should be a bit discrete. Okay, Let's get back in there and take care of things."

The Nausicaan allowed William to take the lead, while in the meantime Byblos habitually surveyed the shop for signs of surveillance. Nothing outrageous, mostly defenses against shoplifters from what he saw. Finally Byblos allowed William to continue.

"Ok, it is going to take a little bit for this to come through." Turning to the Nausicaan he said, "What do you need?"

"I need about a 2 meter by half meter by," Byblos paused. "Do you have sketch PADD for orders? It would be easier."

The Andorian wasn't fazed at all by the request and produced a large PADD from underneath the counter. "Would this suffice?" The Shopkeeper smiled.

"Certainly." In a few moments Byblos handed the PADD back to the Andorian who looked at the request with an eye for detail. "Durelium? Are you aware of the mass of what you are requesting? That is an extremely dense alloy not easily handled by average humanoids?"

Byblos leaned on the counter to the merchant's eye level flexing his upper body the best he could. "Do I look average?"

"I see your point sir," The Andorian turned his attention back to William as the Nausicaan backed off. "Anything else sir?"

William checked his list. “I’m also going to need about 300 feet of wiring. How much is that going to cost? I’m also going to need the machine lubricant, duct tape, durelium, and the tools on a separate tab if you can.”

The Andorian started ringing up the items “I can certainly do that for you. The drive parts, and plasma coolant refills are going to be a yes, here is your total on this PADD here. The durelium, tools, lubricant, and duct tape are going to be not too bad.” The Andorian perked up his antennas looking to William smiling. "And you qualify for free shipping to your vessel!"

William reached for his credits. “Very well. I just need an proof of payment and you can deliver it to dock 11b when it’s ready.”

He walked away and went up to Byblos. “You owe me for the durelium.”

"Yeah, I thought he was not going to be cheap on the durelium the little blue chuSwl'. (rat)," Byblos replied quietly. "Let us settle accounts in a more secure location like the lounge. The Boss basically made that our base here. Not wise to discuss numbers the middle of a mall. Thieves gather intel on how rich their targets are..wait you should know that you were a Guardian! HAH! Let's get back to base." The Nausicaan chortled then took a rear guard position behind William who had the Budget PADD in hand."

“Yeah that makes the most sense.” William typed out a message on his ODRI to Shane. “Just purchased some supplies. Someone needs at the ship to receive the shipment from the store.” Speaking to the Nausicaan he said, “I just sent a message to Shane about the need for someone needing to be at the ship. Knowing my luck it will wind up being me.”

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