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William Chocox

A Mercenary's Life for Me.

The audio clicks on as the sounds of someone working in engineering start up.


“Hey Captain, it’s William. You wanted a Zoalus post-mortem so hear you go.”


The voice cuts out and the sound of a tool smacking some part of the ship mixed with a “Damnit!” comes through the audio.


“Sorry about that, Qob is deciding to be less than cooperative at the moment. Well, back to the mission. I am of the opinion that this trip has been mostly a failure. We came to learn about the culture that had disappeared from the planet, and from what I could tell we learned very little about the culture. Granted that could be chalked up to the fact that we were dealing with other problems like the flustercluck that was the Capricorn.

The scientists were unable to actually get down to the surface what with us trying to figure out how to actually not get accosted by the drones and other security systems.”


Another loud clang is heard followed by another expletive. “Another issue I had with the mission. Who was in charge when we were on Capricorn? I was following Shane’s orders at first ‘cause he’s my immediate superior and when he went off the reservation I started following Pher’s orders because she seemed like she was in control. Little did I know that Troy was off doing his own thing potentially getting us destroyed by those we were fighting. Also I have to question Shane and Troy’s decision to try and take control of the Capricorn through the computer systems. It only caused trouble once Ford was informed about what was happening.


“And then when the Capricorn was taken by the raiders I was stuck there and had to rely on my wits to keep from being spaced, even though I did wind up in the brig. I do admit that I made some mistakes on this mission. The biggest one and presumably the elephant in the room is the near destruction of the EPS grid on the Capricorn.


“Now in my defense I was trying to get Grotte out of Engineering so I could contact Captain Raj on Capricorn, but my good intentions were spoiled when nearly the entire EPS grid blew up instead of the one I wanted to explode.


“The experience I had on the surface of Zoalus was harrowing to say the least when I went down with the team to get that assistant guy that had been with us. Of course hopefully getting shot at is not something that is going to happen every day. Ah who am I kidding? We’re mercenaries! Getting shot at is our job description.”

The audio cuts out just as another clang and expletive are recorded.

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