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Star Fleet Service record/ Bio

=/\= Level 6 Clearance or above is required to Access record=/\=


General Information: Full Name: Bejal Ordan


Gender: Male


Age: 25


Species: Joined Trill


Height: 6' 4


Weight: 180.


Hair Color: Blond


Eye Color: Blue




Place of Birth: Trill






=/\= Family=/\=




Father : Bejal the first






=/\= Service Record=/\=




Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade




Post: Acting Head Of Earth Security




Assignment : Earth Security










*Requsting Duty Assistant Security Uss Excalibur Ncc 2004- C *






=/\=Duty record =/\=




Graduated Star Fleet Academy :


0611.27 Advanced Tactical And Combat / Advanced Command Training / Advanced Federation Law




0611.28 Assignment Assistant Earth Security Rank Ensign




0703.13 Promotion to Lieutenant Junior grade




0906.23 Promotion to Acting Head of Earth Security








=/\= Academy=/\=






Bejal Graduated with top of his Class Graduated first in Federation Law, He also passed his Advance Command and Tactical training. He took Advanced Combat Training as Well






=/\= Personality=/\=




Bejal is very out going, He always lets people know whats on his mind .He is serious about his job and does not let anything interfer with it. Bejal has been known to be realived of duty due to not giving up when he is ill








=/\= Medical history=/\=






Bejal has been treated for serveral cuts and 2 broken Arms jurring is stay at the Academy playing parisses squares

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