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Lilet tTemarr


Disclaimer: Contains mildly suggestive material.





Sober... enough, Travis rang the chime to Lilet's door. The hall was cleared, and the human's usual feed loops and sensor diagnostics were running. Moonlighting a little cyber espionage was always fun and could tide him over until the Excalibur reached Corizon's secret base of... of... well he couldn't really remember, but it had to be profitable. He was only half paying attention when the doors swished open and Lilet appeared. She grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him inside, palming the door closed behind them and engaging the privacy lock. Surprised at being manhandled, he stumbled and whirled to face her.


"You are late," she snapped.


"Only 10...12 minutes." He glanced over from the chronometer to her. "Setting up precautions. Relax, we're in no rush."


"You may not be, but I have a very limited window of opportunity. Every minute counts." She frowned and strode past him into her work area. "I have already initiated a preliminary program for you to utilize. What do you need to make this successful?"


Out of a pocket he produced a thin rectangular device a few inches long. "Where's your comm hookups?" He glanced around, surveying her quarters.


She waved a hand at the wall panel. "Ready and waiting. Would you like a drink?" Moving to her credenza, she poured herself something from a green bottle.


"Please." He connected the device to a random socket, and then moved over to her desk. As he began setting up the connections, he glanced back towards her. "What exactly are we going to be gleaning with these codes anyway?"


Returning with two glasses, she set one near his elbow and took a sip from the other. Sliding atop the desk, she rested sideways on one hip and watched him work. "Whatever I want," she said with a slight smile.


He tapped out a few commands on the panel and then returned his attention to the perched Romulan. "Whatever? Whatever can be a lot." A tiny smile formed as he took a drink.


"It can be, provided that you set up the connection correctly... and undetected." One hand covered the mouth of his glass as he set it down. She leaned forward to capture his gaze. "From both Empires."


The console beeped, breaking their stare. He hit a few symbols, reading over the display. "The codes please."


Lightly sliding from the desk, she pushed him aside with her hip and leaned over the console. Her fingers flew over the screen, inputting a combination of Romulan characters and symbols. The computer beeped again as she monopolized the display.


Rather than pushing her aside, Travis reached under her and typed a few more commands, producing another beep. She removed one hand from the desk and turned sideways, peering at his profile as he moved in closer. "The program is now creating a temporary user access for you. It'll let you know when it's done. Once you access with it, you'll have around two hours of worry free playtime in Starfleet's databases. There are three auto detection boots. I do suggest you log off after the second."


"How long must I wait until I reconnect for another session?"


"You need more time?" He turned and stared her down. "What's in the database that you need?"


One corner of her mouth twitched in amusement. "I may not need the entire two hours, but I might need to reconnect later if more data is needed. I suppose that means you will need to return to set up another session?"


"Yes. This work isn't child's play and I keep a clean house. No one in the fleet or this ship will detect this." He leaned back, taking a sip of his drink. "I suppose if you want continued access we could arrange some sort of... payment plan."


"Mmm, considering you have not yet made your first decision regarding payment, I am not certain what can be arranged." She tilted her head slightly. "What is it, exactly, that you value?"


"Money is of little concern to me. I have enough of that already. I've found that out here, it's the intangibles that are the most sought after. For this service, all I require is a measure of gratitude." He smirked and ran his hand along the length of her thigh. "And a... gift of equal worth: Romulan access codes."


Lilet glanced down briefly to his hand before meeting his gaze once more, one eyebrow raised. "Romulan access codes are extremely difficult to obtain. Even I do not have high level codes to dig into our databases. I get my information elsewhere. Spying on the Terrans is an entirely different matter."


He gave her a knowing smile. "I know the level of these codes. I know that whomever you got them from can get me what I need, which is of course, completely benign to Romulan interests. I want to see how your walls work, security and what not to enhance my own skills. I would think a modest price for such a treason. If not," his smile shifted to the sly as his hand began to knead her thigh, "I'll settle for a night in your bed, and we can consider this all a one night affair. There is at least the pride in bedding the Captain's woman."


"Are you not afraid of what Corizon will do to you if he discovers you in my bed?" she asked with amusement. Two fingers toyed with the waistline of his pants, tugging him closer. "If he is in the right mood, he might disembowel you for simply being in here."


Travis continued to smirk and slid his hand up higher, squeezing her rear. "He who dares, wins. Besides, I'm sure you could convince him to spare me, lest you lose my... skills."


"I doubt even I could sway him that much. Or would want to, for that matter. Better I say you forced yourself upon me and stay in his good graces." She arched slightly as both of his hands found her waist and he pressed against her. One of her legs wrapped around his. "At best, he would simply space you."


"Well, I hope you prove worth the punishment." He yanked her fully against him with a sudden jerk and leaned to capture her mouth.


Lilet turned her head just before their lips met and he kissed her neck instead. Smiling slyly, she pressed her lips to his ear and murmured, "I shall work on getting those codes for you."


Travis pulled back, slightly confused, and she chuckled at his expression. "Though you might not mind the risk, I am not so certain a brief liaison would be wise... or satisfying," she explained.


"True..." he said after a moment of consideration, then smiled coyly. "But you can't deny that it wouldn't be fun."


As he broke away, he took his glass and downed the last of his drink. "Good stuff. Well, it would be bad pirate form to walk out of here empty handed, so you can pay me with the bottle for now." He grabbed it and made his way to the door. He stopped a pace before the door trigger and glanced back at her. "Try not to get me... or yourself killed. It would be disadvantageous to my plans."


"I will do what I can to keep us both in business," Lilet assured him. "Just be sure to keep your mouth shut about our meetings… or death will be the least of your worries."


"Nothing new." Travis chuckled and swiftly exited.

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