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Lilet tTemarr

"Green-blooded Envy"

Disclaimer: Contains suggestive material.







The first slap took Ah-Windu completely by surprise, but he caught her wrist when she attempted a second. She scowled, refusing to wince as he tightened his grip painfully.


"Have you lost your mind?" he asked, glowering.


"You kissed her," she seethed. "You kissed her in front of the crew and made a fool of me."


"The Orion means nothing. You know that. It was to make a point. She sometimes needs to be bent to my will."


She enjoyed it," Lilet spat. "And so did you."


She struck him with her free hand. He captured that one as well before she could land another slap and snarled as he shoved her back against the wall. "Your jealousy is trying my patience." "What if I were to kiss another man in front of you?" she asked archly.


"I would gut him where he stood... unless you were whoring yourself out and I was getting the profits," Corizon said, grinning fangily.


"I am not a whore!"


"We are all whores, selling ourselves and our services for profit." He leaned in and nipped at her ear, his warm breath causing her to shiver as he whispered. "You are just better at it than others."


He should have predicted the knee to his groin. He howled in pain, but training and rage kept him from buckling. His claws raked her skin as he threw her onto the bed. He pounced, quickly pinning her with his own body.


"You'll pay for that, bitch," Ah-Windu growled.


"As will you," Lilet replied smoothly.


He didn't realize she'd drawn her dagger until he felt it against his throat. "Devious Rhian," he said, now grinning.


"I've sacrificed much to be here," she said darkly. "You, of all people, know the worth of what I provide. Make a fool of me again and you will wake up dead."


"I love it when you threaten my life," he rumbled, ignoring the blade biting into his skin as he leaned forward.


"Because you think I won't follow through?" she scowled.


"No, because I know you will," he replied, kissing her forcefully.


Lilet submitted to the kiss. She always did. There was something about the deadly pirate's manner that drew her in utterly and completely and Corizon knew the power he held over her. While she was distracted with the creative things he could do with his tongue, he grabbed her wrist and squeezed. The knife dropped from her numbed fingers and she broke free of his kiss with a small gasp.


"The next time you draw your blade on me, wench, you had better be prepared to kill me." He tangled one hand in her hair and pulled her head back sharply to expose her throat. "I don't tolerate threats. So, what should your punishment be? The brig? Whips? Chains? I could hand you over to the crew."


"You would not," she said, peering up at him through lowered lashes.


"Probably not," he admitted. He nibbled along the curved expanse of her olive skin until he captured her ear in his mouth. "I don't think I could replace you, e'lev," he murmured.


"Because of the valuable intel I provide?" she asked, panting as he slid one claw lightly down between her breasts.


"No. I would be hard pressed to find another Romulan whore that submitted as beautifully as you do," he teased wickedly.


In one neat, precise slash, he ripped her tunic in half and exposed her lovely flesh for the devouring. The need to slap him for his flippant attitude somehow slipped her mind as he began to exact his revenge and mete out her punishment.

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