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Maria Zier

Maria Zier



General Information:

Full Name: Maria Zier

Maiden Name: Kassem

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Human

Height: 5’4’’

Weight: 103 lbs.

Hair: Long, Dirty Blonde. Her long bangs are dyed black.

Eye Color: Teal

Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana, Earth

Status: Widowed




Alexander Zier (Husband, deceased)

Thomas Kassem (Father, deceased)

Mary Kassem (Mother, deceased)

Cdr. Gregory Kassem (Brother, deceased)

Charles Kassem (Brother)



Personal History:

The Kassems were simple farmers, while the children all grew up to be officers of the Empire. Maria became a doctor in Starfleet, while her two older brothers took up command positions. Unfortunately the eldest brother, Gregory was caught selling secrets to the Empire’s enemies and was executed. Not stopping there, the entire Kassem family was declared traitors to the Terran Empire. Maria managed to escape persecution along with Charles, who took up refuge with some friends that ran a freighter.


Charles used an old contact with a Caitian friend to secure Maria with a band of pirates. They needed some crewmen with medical experience, so it didn’t take much to accept her. It didn’t take long for Maria to find the silver lining in her situation. While with the crew, she fell in love with and eventually married a fellow crewman, Alexander Zier.


Unfortunately tragedy seemed to follow the young doctor. While on what was supposed to be an easy mission, everything went wrong. Due to bad intel, the couple ran into a trap. Alex was killed and Maria was badly injured as she was stabbed in the abdomen. It didn’t seem to end there, as Maria discovered she had been pregnant previous to the attack. She would have had a girl.


Now depressed and withdrawn, the once cheery doctor only focuses on her work. She dyed part of her hair black, to remind herself and others of the reality of loss.

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