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Marius Tr'Lorin


Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin



Marius sat the worktable, B'Etor's box sitting motionless in front of him. He thought silently as he stared at the box, twirling his favorite trinket around in his palm. The trinket was silver in color and ring-shaped, too big to be a ring yet too small to be a bracelet. On one side, like a signet, was a rotating gear, studded with small yet brilliant gems, which seemed to change color sporadically. Marius twitched the gear clockwise, then back. Click, click. Click, click. His mind wandered...


He stood behind a man, a Trill, holding a stolen phaser to the back of his spotted head. They were in some sort of filing room, the safes and cabinets eerie looking in the red lighting. In front of them, a safe just began to swing open, the black disk on its center glowing green. "Thanks. You have no clue how hard it was to attempt breaking this the first time. In fact, it got me caught." He fired.


Marius set down the trinket, and using the mini-replicator set into the desk, created a small, black disk the size of a thumb, and fitted it onto the front of the box. The disk quickly embedded itself over the latch, becoming a part of the box. With a soft ping, the disk glowed red. He placed his thumb on it, covering the entire disk. The disk became hot and rough. Pain lanced through Marius's arm, as if every micrometer of his thumb was stung and bitten by every insect imaginable. Then, just as quickly as it started, the pain receded, and Marius removed his thumb from the disk, which now glowed green. The box swung open.


Marius smiled. He closed the box again, placing it on the top-left corner of the table. He picked up his trinket again, and twirled the gear. Click, click.


The Trill collapsed on the ground. Marius stared into his blank eyes. "Tell the devil I send my regards." He stepped over the corpse, and reached inside the safe, retrieving a simple PADD. Its title read "Tandaris Admiran."

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