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"Sticky Fingers"


SS Excalibur NCC-2004 C

“Sticky Fingers”


It was late in the third shift and the secondary cargo bay was quiet; the light sensors were at half strength, casting about half of the perimeter of the cargo area in total darkness. The night guard patrolling this section of corridors and bays would pass by once every forty five minutes or so, poke her head through the sliding entry way doors, look around, and then duck back out to continue with rounds.


Forty five minutes leeway to do what needed to be done; the unscheduled visitor to the storage area would indeed make that time work for them.


Silently, the lone figure easily dropped down from an air intake vent, landing with no sound on the hard deck plating. They crept over to the cargo containers that held the medical supply hypos and medicines. They stayed in the shadows, blending in seamlessly with the darkness.


The sticky fingered thief methodically read the labels indicating what container held the medicines, and picked three of them; soon, about ten hypos of antibiotics, five packets of the pain killer fluid Sorphinol A, and five packets of high grade Morphine D had found their way into a battered black duffel bag.


Just as quietly as they entered, the thief used the stacks of crates and containers and bolted back up to the hanging ladder access to the air shaft; they left the area just as they had found it albeit a bit less congested with a few of the absconded with medical supplies.


The pirate business could be very profitable if one knew what items would fetch a prime price within the black market network of either the Excalibur or on the next star base that the ship docked at.


Sticky fingers. Indeed.

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