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Travis Kroells

Travis Kroells





Subject: Travis Kroells


Access Granted





Falsifying Fleet Records


Cyber Terrorism


Piracy, or colluding with Pirates


Current Reward Stands:


500 Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum for information leading to capture


1000 Bars for independant capture and delivery to authorities


250 Bars if delivered dead


Physical Information

Name: Travis Kroells

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Terran

Height: 6'3

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel


Subject History

(note: Subject is a former Imperial Officer, for full service history please access via Fleet Biographies)


Rank at Discharge: Lieutenant

Position: Detached Service, Sciences Division

Assignment: Imperial Fleet Command, Earth


The son of a influential Admiral in the Imperial Fleet, Travis was born and raised on Earth, the seat of the empire. Gifted with an aptitude for learning, Travis was moved from one specialized school to the next until entering the Imperial Academy in San Francisco. Graduating with an advanced degree in sciences he completed two, two year tours with both the ISS Gideon and Reaent. After exceptional service, and quick promotions to the rank of full Lieutenant, Travis returned to Earth after transfering to Imperial Fleet Command. Starfleet used his advanced knowledge in computer systems to assist with the Second Generation Bio-Neural Gel Pack project. With long term data gathered from the first generation, Starfleet commissioned the second series to improve upon the design. This is where a fast rising career came crashing down. Near the end of 2380, as the project was nearing completion, Starfleet made a shocking discovery. Travis had made several alterations to the gel packs, placing back doors and other vunerablities which could potentially enable him, or anyone with proper access, could hijack a star ship's computer systems. After a brief detainment, Travis proved how far he had already compromised security by escaping Earth and fleeing Terran space. While the flaws to the packs and their programing had been repaired, nothing could undo the intimate knowledge of Starfleet computer systems Kroells had gained.


Within months he began working freelance for pirate crews across the quadrant. Falsifing records, disabling security systems, hacking communcations...Travis could do any of it. By mid 2381 his wanted level was raised after the raid on Mannan, resulting in the death of over 2,000 civilian colonists and the crew of the ISS Gettysburg. Following the Mannan disaster Travis disappeared for months. For a period he was rumored dead, however subsequent sightings on Rigel and Risa dashed that. Since then, there has been more then two dozen sightings in a little over a year. It is currently unknown exactly how Kroells manages to ellude athourities, some of his sightings appear to be stagged, simply for the point of mocking Starfleet. His last sighting was at a technology conference in San Fransisco in early 2383, however for several months Travis has again dropped off the radar. Rumors and speculation have him working as a member of Ah-Windu Corizon's crew on the recently captured ISS Excalibur, though this can not be confirmed. Fearing another incident like Mannan, Starfleet has again raised his wanted level, making him a priority one target. Any citizens with information, or a confirmed sighting are ordered to report imediately to Starfleet.

Edited by Travis Kroells

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Well it took more then a few days, but it's done at least :D

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