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Lilet tTemarr

Lilet tTemarr



General Information


Name: Lilet t'Temarr


Race: Rhinnasu (Romulan)

Homeworld: ch'Rihan (Romulus), Northern Province, Village of Pril'in

Currently Resides: SS Excalibur, Ah-Windu Corizon commanding

Position: Captain's Personal Attendant


Physical Description


Sex: Female

Age: 52

Height: 1.68 meters (5'6)

Weight: 52.3 kilos (115 lbs)

Build: Slight

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black




Father: Trilus tr'Temarr - Deceased

Mother: Au'rial t'Temarr - Praetorial administration


Yilte (older brother) - Deceased

Nalhven (older sister) - Deceased

Pritus (older brother) - Deceased

Jalen (older brother) - Galae internal affairs

Laehval (older sister) - Imperial shipyards

Mornot (older brother) - Deceased




There are many rumors about Lilet but very few facts that can be corroborated. Perhaps the most prevalent tale (and probably most rooted in fact) hints at Tal Shiar origins. However, it is unknown whether she was a former agent or merely one of their contacts as she has never been forthcoming about her past.


Her association with Ah-Windu Corizon began shortly after his capture of the ISS Excalibur and subsequent piracy. As his personal attendant, she is often seen at his side when important command decisions must be made, offering both support and sound advice. Though there have been many whispers of jealousy regarding her role on the ship (and in Corizon's bed), there are few that can deny her true value as an intelligencer. She has consistently provided Corizon with reliable associates and information for his nefarious plots.


Though not a warrior, she is known to be a cunning opponent, preferring stealth, seduction, and other underhanded tactics to win her battles. The curved dagger she wears at her waist is a constant fixture and she has never hesitated to use it to protect herself… or eliminate possible competition.

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