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The Long Night

In the debris laden capital of Qo'noS, two Klingon guards, posted at the entrance to the building housing the High Council, waited their fate. It had been several hours since General Lorgh had come and gone. He took with him any chance for a peaceful resolution.


Outside the darkness was thick and uninviting. Warriors moved into position awaiting the command to begin. Suddenly a single light emanated from a discharging disruptor on the roof struck a position on the ground. The rebel fell backward from his advancing position and his comrades returned fire. The defenders had taken first blood.



Behind cover, Captain Kor and a few loyalist troops surveyed the rebel warriors guarding the communications array. The irony was not lost on him. Twenty-seven years prior, Captain Kirk had conducted guerrilla warfare against him on the Planet Organia. Kor always thought it unfortunate that the Organians interceded. He would have executed Captain Kirk and ended his illustrious career. It would have been a glorious day for the Empire.


"HoD, I do not see how we will be able to take them. They have us 10-to-one."


Kor smiled. He had a long history of war and was well known in the Empire. His only regret would be not having avenged the death of his son to the Albino. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam <It is a good day to die>," he mouthed. Picking up his disruptor he considered his options. A frontal assault would likely get everyone killed and they would be no closer to the objective. Though it would be an honorable death, there would be no glory in it. No, he had something else in mind.


Ten minutes later, two warriors began firing at the relay tower which exploded in a flash of light. A few minutes later, a band of rebels charged their positions. As they passed the predesignated locations, Kor ambushed them from the rear. Disoriented, the rebels fell quickly.


Kor waved to his companions. He needed to keep the momentum going if he were to retake the communications array. One of his warriors stopped and pointed in the direction of the building. Another wave of attackers was coming. Quickly they took cover and began firing. Then all disruptor fire stopped and the defenders charged brandishing bat'leths. Kor leveled his disruptor, squeezed, and noted the lack of response.


"Dampening field. They must not know our numbers," stated Kor as he replaced his disruptor and took out his bat'leth. Standing tall he declared, "I am Kor, son of Rynar, and a descendant of the imperial line! All who oppose me shall journey this night to Sto-vo-kor!" At this, his companions changed weapons and prepared themselves for death.



A single Klingon warrior sat propped up at the entrance to the Chancellor's antechamber. Both friend and foe lie dead all the way to the room he now guarded. He was proud to have survived this far. Three waves had come and been defeated. The surviving loyalists, all but he, had fallen back into the High Council chamber itself.


His arm cramped, he twitched his right shoulder and winched in pain. Closing his eyes, he forced himself to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. He felt the pain leave and looked at the sudden appearance of light. For a moment, he thought the end had come. Then, focusing his eyes, he saw that it was sunlight. The long night was over.

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